Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And a few pictures of what the kids did while I was partying

I need to mention that my sister Stephanie is remarkable. When my father broke his leg in ND last week and my mom told me she wouldn't be able to come to IN to help with the kids while I had wedding activities, my sister Stephanie said, "No worries! I got this!" This was five kids ranging in ages from ten months to ten years, including my two. Stephanie is amazing! I am SO grateful that she was able to watch our kids while we partied! Olivia had THE.BEST.TIME!! She is still talking about it and wants to go back. Leo had a good time, too, but had a little trouble sleeping the night we weren't there. 

From the sound of it, they played outside a lot, had fashion shows, dance parties, played with trains and horses, and had two really awesome slumber parties! Olivia, Abby, Craig, AND Leo fell asleep on the mattress that Stephanie set up at the foot of their bed! Awesome! I am now convinced that Stephanie is the baby whisperer! Thank you, Stephanie! (I promise to keep your kids for a few days soon!!)



  1. Go Stephanie!! Cousin fun is the best!! That's what these kids will remember when/as they grow up!

  2. Hooray for Stephanie. It sounds like the kids had a great time. I'm totally amazed by the last picture - Olivia's hair is so full! I wouldn't have thought it possible for a 3 year old to have such awesome locks!