Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday parties and other fun stuff!

We have been enjoying the great weather the past week! We went to Kindermusik early and sat on the grass listening to UA's marching band practice, we have been enjoying Kindermusik every Monday afternoon, we have been to our pool and playground several times--Olivia is getting so comfortable with the water and is "swimming" by herself with her puddle jumper on from one end of the pool to the other. We've been out riding Olivia's tricycle and visiting our friend Sylvia and her Old English Mastiff and two cats a couple of times to. We were also invited to two birthday parties for Olivia's friends this weekend. The first was for our friend Rene and Dax's son Colton, who turned three and had a really cool Fireman themed party at the playground and firehouse near the airport. Sylvia is friends with Rene, too, and came with us, which was a big help since Leo wanted to drive the fire truck, but Olivia did not!

Look at all these kids!! And Leo and a few others didn't make it into the picture!

Sunday morning Olivia, Leo, and I went to the playground, but it was hotter than I expected, so we ended up at our pool with no bathing suits. I told the kids they could dip their feet in the baby pool to cool off, but Olivia got soaked. I only had a one-piece outfit of Leo's, so I told her it could be like a leotard. She bought it and wore it home! It was hilarious to see her a very 4T running around in a size 24 months! Here she is contemplating while we were playing later in the afternoon while Leo napped. She was pretending to be at the hospital while I worked in my office typing emails.

Later that afternoon we went to the Barnyard for Olivia's classmate Amelia. They all had a great time as you can see from all these smiles!



  1. What is she wearing on her head in the contemplating a hospital stay photo? It looks like you all had a great time! ... it always does :-)

  2. After seeing the other picture, I realized her hair really is that full! I didn't believe it at first & thought she must have a hat on, but wasn't sure. Incredible & beautiful!