Sunday, October 6, 2013


Leo is officially "into" trains, and Olivia is along for the ride! Almost every evening I reconfigure the tracks which have taken up residence in the middle of our great room between the entry and the living room. Each morning, Leo starts playing! Olivia loves to tell a story; Leo loves to move the trains and watch them go! Thanks to Stephanie, Craig, and Brandon for giving us so many, and then sending even more "girl trains" and tracks! 

Loving the trains!!
This particular day was a train success (and disaster if you see the room) since we played trains for almost 1.5 hours!
Posing with her trains after giving them "the works."

First thing in the morning, this is what Leo wants to play with now!

Watching to make sure everything is going well! 
Obviously, I don't know how to shift the focus on my camera. It's been almost a year and I don't use it really well. Sigh. 
But look at that cutie!
After his nap, he wanted a  snack while playing. Ha!

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