Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My big girl

Seriously, my kids are growing up too fast. Olivia is mature for her age, I have no doubt because physically she is tall and wearing a 4T and developmentally her understanding, reasoning, and vocabulary is fantastic. (Of course, I am biased.) But she keeps doing things that make me realize we are just weeks away from having a three-year-old! Shocking! Where has the time gone?!

Here Olivia does a forward roll (on a blanket stained from dragging the kids around the yard). I had been trying to get her to do this at gymnastics class forever, and then Friday, she just busted this out. She is taking gymnastics at school, but I didn't really think they did anything!

Saturday we went to an annual Backyard Bash at the Child Development Center on campus. (We went last can see how much Olivia and Leo have grown since then by looking at this post.) They had a blast! I didn't get many pictures because there was a lot to do and I had two kids wanting to do the activities. Pictured is throwing balls/other stuff through hoops, kicking balls through "gates", and digging in beans. Not pictured was twister on a board painted on the grass, bean bag toss, hula-hooping, making a piggy bank, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bowling, and snacks! We had fun and everyone took a good nap that afternoon!

What this doesn't show is how polite Olivia was and what a great helper and sharer she is with Leo. I could not be more proud!

Monday and today, Olivia was pretty upset that she had to go to school without Leo. She cried when I dropped her off both times (but her teacher texted me and told me she calmed down quickly, and Olivia told me both afternoons when I picked her up that she had a "great day!") In any case, we skipped Olivia's nap today so that she and I could have special time since I have been carrying Leo around and focusing a lot of attention on him while he's been sick. We had a blast in the backyard having snacks, getting out the pool to warm in the sun, and working on her activity book that she got at the bookfair last week. When Leo woke up later, we went back out for more fun! I'm so excited the warm weather has arrived!


  1. Fun! She is definitely growing up fast!

  2. She has grown so much over the past year. And, you're right; she is quite mature for her age! You'll have to post more of the things she says.
    In the last picture, she looks so much like you!!