Monday, April 8, 2013

It's official! Spring is here!!

We had another great week of playgrounds, playdates, and gardening!!

The kids have really been enjoying the kitchen set that Abby let us bring back to AL! Leo loves it more than Olivia, I think. He entertains himself for fives of minutes at a time in this thing! Sometimes I hear him laughing about something he is doing in there and check on him to find him putting his pink spoon in a jug or taking the lid off a pot. We haven't quite decided where to put it yet, so it is set up by the front door in the great room. I like it there for the kids to play with near me, but it is in the middle of everything!

I had a small pseudo-Kindermusik playdate here on Thursday, and I think it went pretty well! We made drums from canisters and then had 30 minutes of structured sing/dance/activity time. Here is where the kids were going on "hayrides" for one of your songs.

We hit our playground several times. Leo is getting adventurous and climbs onto the see-saw himself. He also gets into and out of the playground on his own, which he finds hilarious.

Olivia has been using the black barrier to the playground as a balance beam and did great, except when I wanted to take a picture. She saw a huge bee there the other day, though, and is afraid to go back. Ugh.

So, today, we made the trek to the Riverwalk playground, and it was great! Very age appropriate play equipment, shaded, beautiful scenery, and Daddy met us there after work! Wonderful! 

And here are some silly Leo photos:

Just hanging out reading a book before school with his spoon in his lap. I did not pose him.

He found his paci in the afternoon and decided to hold it like a cigarette. He cracks me up.

After dinner, Olivia had ice cream. I gave Leo a spoon with some on it for a taste. He walked over to my shoe and put it in there instead! Yuck!

This weekend, Nicholas started cleaning out the garage on Saturday, and I cleared a space in the garden for planting the zinnia seeds Olivia and I had bought a month ago. After Olivia's nap, she danced and sang, "I'm so excited to see if my zinnias have grown!" Then she was disappointed that they had not! So, we went to Lowes and bought some seedlings to plant, too. Here is our garden so far! And some playtime fun after the planting!


  1. It looks like the kitchen is a hit!

    I love that he has an inside spoon and an outside spoon - was that planned?

    Yay for gardening and flowers with the little ones.

  2. I am so envious of your all's spring and all the fun outdoor things you get to do! We just got 5 inches of snow yesterday :(