Friday, April 26, 2013

Enjoying these days

I don't know if it is obvious or not how much I enjoy my kids and the opportunity I have to be home with them most of the time. Two Fridays ago the kids and I turned our living room into a restaurant with a stage for performances. Olivia was the live show. Leo was the chef. I was the audience. We had dinner at the little pink table, and then Olivia danced for us...and we did Facetime with Uncle Brandon and Aunt Heidi, and had a blast! Here are a couple of pictures of my cuties!

And when the kids do go to school on MWF, I have simplified down to just these two bags to take with them for their lunches. I've left Olivia's extra outfit at school, and I am just taking Leo's diapers and wipes once every other week. These lovely bags are Thirty One bags, and my cousin Erika is a consultant. Here is a link to her web page if you are interested in getting some! These bags are big enough for teachers to send home school work and notes in the outer pocket, too!

Because Leo was sick last week and I took off two mornings to stay home with him, I sent the kids to school Monday - Thursday this week (the school was closed Friday). It was really too much for all of our happiness. Olivia got grumpy. Leo got tired. I got sad missing my kiddos. So, today, after a whirlwind trip from Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Brandon, and cousin Luke last night--so great to see you guys...why didn't I get pictures?--we went to gymnastics this morning and then had a picnic outside for lunch! Olivia and Leo loved it, but Olivia didn't want her picture taken for some reason.

Later this afternoon when Daddy came home, he needed a minute in the bathroom. Olivia wanted Daddy so much that she said she was going to wait outside the door for him. Because Brother likes to do what she is doing, he came over, stood next to her, and started banging on the door. Olivia got upset and said, "Mommy, get Leo! He is wanting Daddy, but I want him all for myself!" So, I closed the gate and let Olivia wait by herself for Daddy. No one gets a minute peace around here!


  1. A dinner theater!! You are the best mom ever!
    (And I meant it in the real way, not the sarcastic way like when I refer to myself...)


  2. I agree; you are an awesome Mom. You do a ton for your family. 4

    Great pictures!

  3. Forgot to mention - I did notice Leo's upgraded spoon at the picnic. Has he started carrying that one around?

    1. He carries whatever spoon he can get his hands on. I was putting that one away from the dishwasher, and he saw it and had to have it!!