Monday, April 1, 2013

"The best part of the whole year!"

Olivia declared that dying Easter eggs was the best part of the whole year when we did it two weekends ago. I boiled six eggs, thinking that I didn't care to have a bunch of boiled eggs to eat. We ended up doing it again the next day because Olivia loved it so much. I must say, she was more patient than I ever was! These eggs have some vibrant color because she allowed them to stay in the dye so long!

The first batch: We cut out some animal bodies off the back of an Easter cookie box. Olivia found a ribbon for the one leftover.

The second batch: After reading a Max and Ruby story, Olivia wanted to put macaroni faces on the eggs, but that was more difficult than it sounded. We made a queen (back left) and a princess (front right), a bunny (middle left) and a cat (front left), and two other random ones.

This is Olivia's silly face before we got started decorating the dyed eggs.


  1. The eggs look great! I'm impressed with all the decorations on them. Yay for teaching her patience!

  2. Wow! I'm super behind on blog reading! Love the eggs ... I definitely wasn't that patient as a child either ...