Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break! Woo hoo!

We spent the first weekend of Spring break at home getting ready for our trip on Monday. Nicholas was sick, and I was on the verge, but we pressed on for our trip to Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri. The trip up was a little rough since Olivia did not nap at all and Leo only got an hour nap for the entire day. But, we made it to Mom's house and were greeted by the smells of homemade bread (thanks, Mom!) and the sounds of cousins ready to play! Olivia and Leo LOVE Craig and Abby!

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the trip from Monday through Saturday. I'll give a quick recap, which you can skip, but I will write down since this really is kind of my diary:

Tuesday: We visited Mutti's place for a while. She had lots of presents waiting for the kids--Easter baskets, a doll named Kissy for Olivia, a Lego set for Leo, stickers, candy, and other fun stuff! Leo took a good nap and then woke in a great mood for playing. Olivia played and enjoyed Mutti a lot! We left Nicholas there so that he could spend some time with his mom. The kids and I went back to Mom's house for naps, had dinner on the farm, and had play time with Steph and her kids.

Wednesday: We visited Mutti for a little while, I tried to get Leo to take a nap to no avail, and then we met up with Grandpa Bill at his new old house. The place looks awesome, and we are all excited for he and Tamara to move in so that we can visit and play there. We had lunch with Grandpa Bill at Cafe Lou Lou's, and then the kids had melt downs and we had to go back to the farm for naps. At this point, we realized that Olivia had pink eye. The kids played again that evening.

Thursday: Nicholas and I hung out at the farm with Mom, Steph, and Luke until the kids' nap times. Then Nicholas and I drove to St. Louis in Mom's big truck with a load of baby stuff for Heidi. The drive was a nice time for Nicholas and I to visit since we rarely get that much adult time to just talk. We met up with Heidi and Alex that evening, got a tour of the house, and went to a great pizza place for dinner. We celebrated Nicholas's tenure promotion with dessert!

Friday: I slept in late! Then Heidi and I ran some errands, took naps, and got my hair cut at her usual place that specializes in curly hair: Bouffant Daddy! It was great, and I even learned about my hair. That evening, we got ice cream and got a tour of their neighborhood: Webster Groves. We also returned the curtain rods for their baby's room and got the right size ones. Alex made dinner in that evening, and we relaxed and talked until my bedtime. What a great visit!

Back on the farm, the kids were playing! Stephanie kept Abby home from school to play. They put on caps, and Olivia said they looked like farmers! Then they went to Grandma Clara's to play with the baby ducks...they were bigger than babies, thankfully, since my two were a little rough with them! They even fed chickens, which Olivia loves to do! Later they played show horse on the trampoline and took turns telling each other what to do: gallop, trot, reverse, jump, etc. 


Saturday: Nicholas and I drove back to the farm a little later than we meant to. Olivia spent most of the time we were gone at Steph's house playing with Abby and my cousin Justin's daughter Lilly. Leo hung out with Mom. They all did great! Saturday they went to our little town's Easter Egg hunt, too. I don't think Olivia missed us. On the second night, Leo cried and Mom came in to check on him. She said that he looked at her like, "Oh. It's you again." Leo was happy to see us! We had dinner at Steph's that evening and played with the kids outside. 

Sunday: The Easter bunny came! I finally got some pictures. Steph set up an Easter egg hunt at Mom's house and the kids collected A LOT of eggs! Here are some pictures from that:

And later that day, on the way home, Leo took two naps. 

Nap one:

Nap two:

Which, thankfully, coincided with Olivia's nap:

And we found out that Leo loves milkshakes! He has his momma's sweet tooth!


  1. It looks like the kids were in good hands while you were away. And my goodness the Eastern Bunny was quite good to those kids! Hopefully you got home at an okay time to start the week.

  2. What a fun trip!! Glad you all had such a good time :)