Saturday, March 2, 2013

And...Leo's sleeping through the night!!

Each night got progressively better until Thursday night when Leo slept from 8 PM to 6 AM with no assistance -- he did wake twice, but went back to sleep within five minutes. This happened again last night! I am very hopeful for tonight! So, in seven days, Leo went from waking literally every 45 minutes (I know some people don't believe this, but Nicholas and I know the nightmare that was Leo's sleep; my mom knows, too, as she witnessed the craziness in November). Anyway, I totally feel empowered to do anything now! I think I am a better mom already! I know sleep is a journey and it is in no way "won" or "finished," but at least things are better now. This week was tough, but this weekend has been good so far, except that Nicholas isn't here as he is in KY helping his mom. We all miss him, but have been doing remarkably well. Better than I could have imagined a week ago--sleep makes all the difference!

While we were working on sleep training this week, the kids helped me clean the house. Leo likes to vacuum:

But only when the attachment is not attached to the vacuum...

And Leo is getting SO good feeding himself with a fork and spoon!

Friday was pajama day at school, so I texted this picture to Nicholas since he didn't get to see how excited Olivia was. (She later snipped these pajamas while she was pretending to be Daddy working in his office.) Love this sweater, Bill and Tamara! The kids wear them all the time, and I get compliments on them wherever they go.

Leo loves Oreos as much as his mother.

This is an "I love my camera" shot of some banana bread I baked.

This is Olivia napping in her big girl bed. I see it moving from the office to her room soon. (Yes, she still sleep with a paci. Judge me. I don't care. I'll explain my reasoning if you want.)

This is Leo's lion who helps him sleep. He's starting to get attached to it. I can see him clutching it on his monitor at night.

And I see a lot of this face lately. I'm afraid that he is imitating me!


  1. Congrats, Momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome news about Leo sleeping thru the night. I'm sure it makes a world of a difference for you & your level of energy! :)

    Love love the oreo pic too!

    Hope to see you guys at gymnastics this week; we haven't been in forever!

  2. Yay, Leo! Being able to sleep, you feel human again. I need to take some lessons from you on getting Sol to feed himself. If I ever give him a utensil, whatever is on it ends up all over the floor, walls, me, etc. He's just messy, I guess. Doesn't get it from me!

  3. Woohoo!!! Congrats!! And super cute pics as always :)

  4. These are great photos of great success! I'm so happy for you. You so needed sleep. It's wonderful feeling empowered. You are Mama - I hear a roar coming on.

    Also, I love the little lion & funny face. I don't think that is an imitation of you, but I haven't been scolded by you in years either. :-)