Thursday, March 7, 2013

One dress

My sister Stephanie has so graciously saved her daughter Abby's clothes for Olivia even though the two are two months shy of four years apart. It's been wonderful to have these clothes, and when Nicholas came back from his trip, he brought Abby's 4T and 5T clothes. As I sorted through them this week, I found one dress that I bought for Abby when I was pregnant with Olivia. I bought the same dress for Olivia in size 12 months. And I bought these dresses because my friend Stacey, who works at Target, told me about the limited engagement by the designer at Target. I love these dresses! 

When I first bought them:

Abby wearing her dress at my shower (she was three and a half)

Olivia's four month pictures

Olivia running around the house, twirling, on Tuesday. I could not get a still shot.


  1. These are great shots! And how good of you to already go through all the clothes. I still have boxes of maternity stuff in the nursery (though I've been going through them a little each night.) It was last weekend's project. Hopefully I'll finish it out this weekend.

  2. LOVE!! So cute to compare Olivia in the same dress as a baby and now ... still as adorable as ever! :)