Monday, March 18, 2013

Dear Diary, 3/16/2013

I meant to publish this Saturday, but it was tiring taking care of the kids while Nicholas was away to a conference for several days... Thursday was a rough day, but Olivia and Leo were angels the rest of the time. Still, tiring and so, another post of just pictures. 

Leo "talking" on the phone.

Daddy doing Facetime with the kids after dinner one night. He was reacting to Olivia's story about the day. I forget what it was, but she comes up with some good ones!

Leo loves to rock on his little lamb, play hide-and-seek around the ottoman, and eat his new favorite food: raisins!

Olivia is swinging so well now--pumping her legs back and forth. And Leo loves to play with the rocks and is mostly not putting them in his mouth anymore!

Olivia and Leo had a great time at CHOM Saturday morning when they sought green St. Patrick's Day coins. They ended up with 65 and traded them for a junk cup, tattoo, and two bouncy balls. Here Olivia is making a kaleidescope in her "fairy" costume. She remembered that Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather have hats that tie around their heads and wanted one like that.

And Olivia and Leo wanted to walk home from the playground the other day, and were so cute holding hands!!

Six seconds of holding hands.


  1. best pic ever: kids holding hands!! that's a framer!

  2. I agree! You have to frame that one! I also love how into Facetime Olivia is ... so different from when we were kids!