Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leo's first haircut!!

When I texted my sister Stephanie a picture of Leo playing with a toy she sent back with Nicholas while he was up north last week, she said Leo's hair was looking pretty long. I asked Nicholas if he thought Leo needed a haircut and he said he did. Whoops, I wasn't thinking it because I just saw sweet Leo, but I realized they were right. On Wednesday afternoon, we headed for Kidz Kutz in Northport, and it was super easy! It took about five minutes, during which time the kids sat in a Hummer toy car and watched Elmo. Leo started to look like he was going to cry a couple of times, but he never did. And now Leo looks so grown up and even more adorable!




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  1. Very handsome! And super cute that big sis sat by him the whole time!