Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just another afternoon at our house!

In Leo's Kindermusik class this term, there is a song about a hayride. The kids love to take (and give) hayrides while I have that song on repeat! Olivia was really only strong enough to pull Leo in circles (He is 24 lbs and she is 33 lbs as of Tuesday at the doctor.) Olivia later pulled her dolls around in the basket. On a side note, she has never been really into her baby dolls. She only has two. The other day she and I were playing while Leo was napping. I asked her what we should name her dolls. She looked at one and said, "Pork." I couldn't help but laugh. Then she named her other one, "Baker Pie." Then she decided that the first one should be named "Baker Pie Two." The names stuck and that is what we are calling these poor dolls! (I know why she is naming her dolls after food. A few weeks ago, we checked out a Strawberry Shortcake book from the library and all the characters had the names of food: Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Muffin, Plum Pudding, etc.)

Leo did a pretty good job with his first real finger painting experiment today. He didn't eat it, which was success in my book! A lot of it got on his tray, but since everything was washable, it was okay.

We didn't head to the playground this afternoon as we have most days lately because Leo has just not been feeling great. I took both kids to the doctor Tuesday because Olivia has had a cough that worsens at night for over a month. Leo just started a cough last week and his ears are draining some super nasty stuff. The doctor put Olivia on Zyrtec for possible allergies and Leo on ear drops. I have a script for antibiotics if his ears don't stop running tomorrow. She said that he would definitely have had another ear infection if he didn't have the tubes in, so I am (again) glad we went ahead with that.

In other news about the kids, Leo has lost five toddler spoons now. He carries them around with him like a security object. He takes a pink one to school, to the playground, and often to bed. I am going to have to buy more, which is easier said than done given that I can't seem to find three packs of the ones he likes, just the cutlery sets--he doesn't need a knife and fork to walk around with, too. He would be happy to do it, but I take those away. He has taken to going to the dishwasher and pulling out the spoon he likes. Monday he took a dirty spoon to school--it had Nutella on it and was gross, but I figured if it made him happy, I could endure the judgement.

Olivia has been going through a scared stage--she was afraid of the TV because a commercial (for paper towels) about a kids' science project spurting ketchup all over the kitchen got everything messy, she gets afraid of books--Berenstein Bears, Dr. Suess, etc. pretty easily if something is "not nice", and she was afraid of pooping on the potty because the water splashed her (so she would tell me when she had to go, we put her diaper on, she went, and then we changed it). I am happy to report that I think that we are starting to exit the scared stage!! Olivia is pooping on the potty with no problems for about three weeks now. She will watch our TV occasionally. And two nights in a row, she told me she had good dreams about me! Hooray!

Today I realized that I can finish this sentence of Olivia's every time: Let's go to my room, and ... "put on my fanciest gown!"

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  1. I've missed so much while away! I love the hand-holding, sleeping beauty fairy dress-up, toddler spoon security, early Easter Egg hunt, and indoor hay rides!