Thursday, May 10, 2012

Terrifying and cute

So, I thought I would take up jogging given that it has been more than ten years since I have done it, and surely my knees are "better" now. And since I am not back in shape and I don't have time for exercise without the kids, I thought it would work to jog the long way to the play ground and back a few days a week. You'll remember the double jogging stroller I had as a hand-me-down. I hadn't used it since Leo was born because I had the other one, in which Leo's car seat fit nicely. I decided to use the jogging stroller yesterday. I put Leo's car seat in it, and it did fit well, with room for Olivia. We had gone about a mile and were in the back section of our subdivision going down a hill, when all of a sudden, the front wheel came off, the front frame dug into the pavement, the stroller flipped over, and I went over with it. SO VERY LUCKILY, no one was hurt. One woman walking ran across the street to help us, and another woman driving stopped to help. Leo was crying. His car seat kept him totally safe and he didn't get even a scratch, but I was worried about his head since he flipped totally over. The handle of the car seat was up, and that is what hit the pavement. You can see the scratches on it. When I flipped over the stroller, I landed on the underside of Leo's car seat and the pavement. Olivia fell out of the stroller on her knees and face. We were all crying and TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. It terrified me so badly because it could have been so much worse. We left the stroller there, and the woman in the car drove us home. I was shaken up the rest of the evening. So was Olivia. She got the worst of it. She is still talking about it. We are throwing that stroller away. Here is a picture of her right after the accident. She is worse today with bruises. She cries every time she talks about it. Today we went to the pool and had a great time. We started towards the playground to extend our time out, but she realized we had come by the car and not the stroller, mentioned it, cried, and wanted to go home. It's going to take a little while to get over this.

And here is cute Leo in his Bumbo! Can you believe he is this big? So fun!

We had a play date with my friend Rachel and her baby Sol who is a week and a half younger than Leo. Fun!


  1. OMG. That is terrible. I am so glad that Leo was in his car seat. I'm so glad people saw it happen so they could help you. Poor Olivia.

  2. SO glad you are all ok!!! Really scary. :(