Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Olivia's Second Birthday!! (I can't believe my baby is two!!)

Olivia turned two on Monday! It's hard for me to believe that two years have past since that amazing day when Olivia came into our lives and made us parents! She really does just keep getting more fun. Her little personality continues to reveal itself. She makes me laugh everyday. She reminds me of me (when she uses her brute force to try to open something, when she dances her silly dance, when she repeats things precisely) and she reminds me of Nicholas (when she is so tender hearted when she doesn't understand something, when she eats her fruit snack one color at a time, when she wants everything in its place), and she is a beautiful reminder that she is her own person. Right now, she loves books--"reading" them herself or having them read to her, she loves TV (yes, I admit it, but I try to limit it--right now she loves "Super Why" and "Dinosaur Train"), she loves gymnastics, the pool, and playing dragons. She isn't very interested in the potty, and she would keep her paci forever if we would let her, but we are taking it away during the day now. She weighed 30 lbs at the doctor on Friday when I took her for a sick visit. She really is talking up a storm, and remembering things very well. She likes to pretend that we are tracking dinosaurs when we go for walks. I asked her the other day if we should track a T Rex or a Triceratops, and she said, "No, how about a Pteranodon?", which sounded like "No, how 'bout ter an don?" Sometimes, if we are walking home from the playground and she knows Nicholas is at home, she suggests we go "Daddy tracking." And she is my little helper, too. On Sunday when I was cleaning the house for her party Monday, I gave her the Greenworks spray to spray the refrigerator and dishwasher. When she had finished those, she said, "What else I can do for you?"

And the party! We had 8 moms and 9 kids here on Monday morning for a playdate. Lots of fun! We played in Olivia's princess castle, played in her new tent outside, played with bubbles, made pirate hats, had cupcakes, and sang happy birthday. More pictures to come (since one of my friends took pictures with her camera of key moments: blowing out the candle, etc., but she has a one-month old, so I don't expect them very soon)...

Unrelated, but cute, Olivia loves rhyming. Here she is last week after Daddy picked her up from MMO and bought her a happy meal. She had hit her hand on the couch and said, "Ouch, couch!", which sent her into a fit of giggles. She wanted us to keep repeating it. At the end, when I say, "One more time", she says, "Cheese!", which I am always trying to get her to say when I take a picture and she NEVER does. Now, she does it! Haha!

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  1. Oh my gosh ... I love that video! She sounds so grown up ... and what an addictive little giggle! Glad her little party went well ... way to go, Mom :)