Sunday, May 13, 2012

Olivia's growing up

Some of you might remember that when Olivia was born, my plan was to not allow a pacifier past six months because that is what my Baby 411 book recommended. Fast forward two years, and here we are with Olivia still using a pacifier. Dr. Roberts said that if you don't get the pacifier away from a child by six months, you probably aren't going to get it away from them for another year. She suggested we get rid of it by two. Well, Olivia is now two, and we have restricted pacifier use to the crib at nap times and bed time. She seems okay with that. The day after her birthday, she walked into Mom's Morning Out, and said to Mrs. Peyton, her teacher. "I'm a big girl. Pacie only for crib." Well, well, well. That, of course, after she had asked for it that morning and I said, "No, you're a big girl now. We only have the pacifier in the crib." She said, "I don't want to be a big girl." Later she asked Daddy for it, and he said, "No, you're two now. No pacifier except in the crib." She said, "I don't want to be two!" She is asking for it less and less now.

Olivia has been doing better with talking out the stroller accident. Each day she is less upset about it, but she is still talking about it. Friday at gymnastics, we left early because someone asked about her bruises and I told them about the accident. She cried and said she wanted to go home.

But, before that, we had a good time. Here are some pictures and videos of her there. She is wearing the gymnastics outfit Nicholas and I bought her for her birthday. She loved it!

Olivia is doing a better and better job of putting her feelings into words. She uses the words happy, sad, upset, and mad. She also says things like, "I had so much fun!" and "That too scary."

Other conversations with Olivia, lately:

Olivia: I want to go there.
Me: That's a restaurant. We aren't going there today. We are going into this store really fast to get your shorts.
Olivia: Daddy take me there. They have French fries in there.

Me: Leo is sleeping. We need to be quiet. (As we are walking by his room.)
Olivia: I can do that. (Then, very loudly:) Maaaa.
Me: Olivia!
Olivia: (Yelling) I wake him up!!

Me: Olivia, we need to change your diaper. (As she is flailing about, I say:) Hold still.
Olivia: I be good listener. No time out.

Olivia: I want to go to CHOM.
Me: Today is Sunday. CHOM is closed on Sunday.
Olivia: CHOM closed today. We go tomorrow.

Olivia: Princess Pea take nap. (pretending to be Princess Pea)
Me: Okay. I'll tuck Princess Pea in.
Olivia: This super big problem. (She's referring to the blankets being messed up.)
Olivia: We need Super Readers. (Super Why watchers will understand this conversation.)

And Olivia continues to love her books. Sometimes she says she is going to read Leo a book. She then makes something up like, "Once upon a time, Pablo and Uniqua and Tyrone....(stuff I can't understand because she is speaking so low)...and they wake up!" Here is one such time:

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  1. Awww ... she sounds like so much fun! And she looks like quite the little professional gymnast in that outfit!