Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby days

Olivia and Leo at lunch.

Olivia and Leo at play.

Leo in his hat made by Aunt Heidi--her first ever knitting project! Love it!

My mother's ring that Nicholas bought for me when I was really down in January. Little did we know that Leo wouldn't come until February!

So, here is my push gift instead! The first ring is just because I am fabulous.

Leo is often so alert it surprises me. He really likes this mobile!

And here is Olivia and Heidi having tea this morning.

In other news, I took Leo to the lactation nurse yesterday because I am still having trouble nursing. Sort of. I haven't given Leo ANY formula since Wednesday and only about an ounce then. So, I have enough milk. (In fact, I am about 8 ounces ahead now. Six ounces in the freezer! Score!) The problem is that it takes Leo forever to nurse and then I have to top him off with expressed milk. So, it takes about an hour to nurse him, feed him, and then pump. The good news is that he is gaining and above his birth weight. He weighed a wopping 9 lbs 5 ounces on Friday. The nurse told me I am doing everything right, and she thinks it will resolve itself in the next few days. I am hoping she is right because this is definitely not sustainable after my help goes home.

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  1. You definitely ARE fabulous! Look at the two amazing kids you produced :)