Sunday, February 5, 2012

Leo: days 2 and 3

Day two brought a lot of visitors to the hospital. Mom and Olivia came twice. Nicholas stayed with me much of the day. My friends Janice, Michelle, and Sylvia all came to visit. Plus, I received lots of beautiful flowers. I learned from last time, to take advantage of the time in the hospital to rest. So, between night feedings, I sent Leo to the nursery so that I could sleep. He is the good baby I had predicted. He has been a pretty good nurser, although because he has jaundice, I have had to supplement. I think that will stop soon as my milk is almost enough for him now. He is a pretty good sleeper, too, except for the past two nights, he has decided not to sleep at night, just during the day.

Mom caught a cold from Olivia while she was here, so she left just as I was coming home from the hospital on Friday morning. I caught the cold, too, which is a real bummer trying to recuperate, nurse a newborn, take care of Olivia, and rest. So, we were on our own from Friday morning until Saturday afternoon when Stephanie came in. It went okay, but was tiring.

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  1. Olivia really is in awe of him, isn't she? So cute!