Friday, February 24, 2012

What's going on now

The trip to Indiana last Saturday was uneventful, which was good. I mostly just pumped and then gave Leo a bottle although I nursed a couple of times. We stopped a lot and made horrible time, but I think that is the way it goes with babies. Olivia and Leo did great. Olivia held Leo's hand several times on the trip at her suggestion. They were sitting next to each other, so it was easy to do and super cute.

Steph made us feel totally welcome here with all she's done to fix up the upstairs rooms for our stay. Olivia was pumped to be back at Aunt Stephy's house.

It's been a pretty good week, but exhausting. The interview on Tuesday was all day from 9 to 5:30, so I had to pump three times while I was there. It was hard being away from Leo for so long. The interview went well, though, I think. I got mastitis on Wednesday night. I thought I was dying. Rough. I am feeling better this evening and hope the pain is gone by tomorrow night.

Olivia is loving the cows and horses here again. Here are the kids outside the barn yesterday:

Here is Olivia playing doctor:

Here's Leo in his rocker outfit:

Here he is swaddled, perhaps for the last time. He doesn't like it anymore.

Here is us before we left. I hold both kids often. Today when I went in to get Olivia out of her crib after her nap, I was holding Leo. When I picked her up, she said, "Mommy so strong!" True.

Leo continues to be a great baby. He is very alert much of the day. He swings his arms and bats at objects already. He loves the mobile. He still is a grazer at the breast or bottle, so feeding him continues to be challenging only in the time it takes. Since Wednesday he has been eating constantly. I am not sure if this is because of the mastitis, or what.

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