Thursday, August 28, 2014

We're having a boy!!

We're having a boy!! Wednesday morning we found out at my level two scan--a benefit of my advanced maternal age at delivery. More importantly we were able to see that all his little organs are developing well, his hands and feet are there and kicking, he is fat--measuring about a week ahead, and he seems to be as healthy as we can hope for!

When we found out the baby is a boy, Olivia cried. Poor thing. Leo announced, "Guess what, Mom?! We're having a baby after Christmas!" The sonogram tech thought that was hilarious!

The only hiccup is that the doctor showed us that I have marginal placenta previa. This clears up on its own in most cases, so they just plan to do a recheck in about eight weeks. If the placenta doesn't move, though, I'll have to have a c-section. I am praying not to for all the obvious reasons, but also because we just have too many stairs in our house for me to deal with that! Ha!

Nicholas and I are thrilled to be having another healthy baby! I am trying not to expect another Leo since I know that each baby is different. Leo is so different from Olivia not just because he is a boy, but because he is the second and he is Leo. I am excited to meet this baby who will be different and fun in lots of ways that I am haven't even imagined yet! And Olivia, I know, will love this sweet boy when he comes! Leo, of course, is excited to name him Dumbo Junior!


  1. This really is exciting. I'm glad Leo is happy; Olivia will be, too. After all THEY are getting a baby brother. Dumbo Junior - how hilarious.