Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So many things...

Back to work

Last week I went back to work for UA remotely. My boss was extremely generous to allow me to do this. Since my day care situation--two days a week all day--fell through in August and my kids don't start school until September 8th, I've been winging it with our young babysitter from up the street who was on track-out last week (that's a break from year-round school for the uninitiated). This week, she is coming over after school a bit, and I am trying to get some work done during "quiet time" in the afternoon. Olivia likes to sit in the office with me and do ABCmouse.com. Leo, if he's not napping, would prefer to play iPad games...mostly educational. 

I had to use the bathroom, so Olivia said, "Don't worry. I will keep an eye on everything in the office--my computer, your computer, my study area, Leo's monitor--everything." Ha! (Mom, she puts her little Catholic bible up on the desk and says she has to study it!)
I am thrilled to be back to work, though. I like getting little projects done, even if I haven't been able to devote much time to my UA work yet. It has made the week a bit more hectic, my house cleaning has taken a back-burner, and I have been a bit more tired since I haven't been able to sneak in any laying down time in the afternoon.


Two weeks ago, I broke down and joined SitterCity.com to help find more care for Leo once Olivia goes to school five mornings a week. He only goes two because that is all I could find for him. We also need a date-night sitter since Nicholas and I haven't been out since Mom visited in June. We interviewed three sitters in four days, and I was happy to like all of them. We found a date-night sitter, a one-morning-a-week sitter, and an emergency sitter in case I have to go to the hospital regarding the new baby. Score!!


However, the problem with all these babysitter interviews was that the kids, although they did great while meeting them, had VERY disrupted sleep. Olivia has NEVER slept in our bed, but she was in our bedroom more last week than ever. Leo had slept in our bed before he turned one, but hadn't since. He was in there a lot, too. Sleep was rough. Then Leo was up from 2-6 one morning and I about died the next day since Olivia then woke at 6:45. I am happy to report that Olivia has been a champion sleeper since I put up a rewards chart in her room and bribed her with ice cream for breakfast. Leo still is getting up and leaving his room. Last night was another bad one: up from 2 until after 4. Leo is trying to give up his nap, too, which is complicating things.

After picnicking with Nicholas's colleague and his family last Wednesday, and our kids had THE WORST BEHAVIOR, they slept on the way home. No wonder. Bad behavior almost always means tired in our house.


Since going to gymnastics camp, Olivia has begged to go back and to start taking classes. I signed her up for last week for a trial class. She was so looking forward to it!! But....she hated it! Ha! The instructor was very no-nonsense and used the gymnastics vernacular to a fault--not showing what to do bust just saying "Straddle" or "Walk-up hand-stand". Olivia didn't have a good time, so I am glad it was a trial class. 

I asked her why she liked camp, but not class, and she gave me several reasons. At camp they did the zip line, jumped into pits of foam, did crafts, and had snacks. Also, after camp I had packed her lunch and let her eat it in the car, and she was flabbergasted that I hadn't done that for her 1-2 PM class. Ha! Anyway, I sent her to camp today and she had a blast. I will send her Thursday, too, and that will be that until next summer when both kiddos can go together!!

A Day on the Lake

My friend told me about the lake fifteen minutes away that rents paddle boats. I figured we would give it a try for a family day on Saturday. We had a great time!! Wake county parks are AWESOME!! The visitor center had this great deck overlooking the lake, complete with snack bar and air conditioned restrooms. The morning was beautiful and it reminded me a lot of going to Lake Cumberland as a kid.

Here we were waiting for the paddle boat.

The kids got a kick out of it! I wish we could have swam, but there was no swimming in this lake. Lots of fishing and stand-up paddle boarders, though. They also rented canoes and kayaks. Maybe when the kids are older!!

Both the kids wanted turns steering and paddling, which was fine with me. Here's the view back to the dock.

Daddy is a rockstar!

There was also a playground and a beach area where the kids had fun watching the ducks.

We had a picnic lunch...

And frozen treats from the snack bar for dessert!

It wasn't even very crowded, which was a bonus! I think this place is a hidden gem! We will be back!

Olivia's 4-year well visit

Olivia's 4 year well visit was very late, indeed, due to us moving and getting into a new practice. But, she did great! She went with the nurse and did a hearing test (passed), vision test (20/40, which is apparently normal for 4), got measured: 3'7.5" (95%), got weighed 43 lbs (90%), had her blood pressure taken (88/58), her temperature taken under her tongue (98.6), and her pulse taken (100). She is the picture of health, except for her itchy skin that the doc told us to use Zyrtec for since she thinks it is seasonal allergies. Her development seems to be right on, too. Olivia got four boosters yesterday in three shots and was EXTREMELY brave. As her reward, she got her FIRST PET!! Two little African frogs that are supposed to live 2-4 years...we'll see how they do!! I'm super proud of my brave and healthy girl!

Yes, these need new water soon!

Kraft Baby #3

I realize that I have posted nothing about the baby since I announced I was pregnant. I am too old and busy to worry with belly photos this go-around. But it looks like I am gaining weight nicely--net of about six pounds now. I am 18 weeks as of last Thursday. Baby is kicking up a storm, which I can feel inside and out now. She/he suddenly stops whenever Nicholas or Olivia tries to feel, though. I am feeling well, except a bit more tired than pre-pregnancy. Nausea is gone unless I don't eat for too long. My biggest symptom is my terrible, very awful, I-can't-believe-they-could-be-this-painful varicose veins. You win some, and you lose some, I guess. Next Wednesday I will be 19 weeks 6 days, and I have my last ultrasound to determine Baby's gender and check all of his/her organs. So excited to see who will be joining our family soon!

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