Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another week of summer!

Summer just keeps on going here since the kids aren't starting preschool until September 8th! We've been enjoying the Cobra around the block and to the pool! Even in the garage--Leo and Olivia's favorite movie is Cars, so they pretend that their little car is McQueen. In the last picture, see Leo pumping up the tires! Ha!

The pool is now only open evenings and weekends, but we sure have enjoyed it A LOT this summer! Olivia still can't swim...I figure next year I might get tough about it. She is tall enough to stand in the pool, though, so she has enjoyed just jumping and playing. Leo is super cool about playing around with his puddle jumper on, too!

This is a nothing video that Olivia wanted me to take!

The ten minute guard break each hour is a favorite snack time!

Saturday, we checked out Crowder District park, which is about five minutes from our house. It has hiking trails, a lake full of fish and turtles, and three different playgrounds! The kids had a ball and ended up pretending the play structures were space ships and they were astronauts! I love their imaginations!

We've got two little playgrounds within our big neighborhood, too. Since I have decided that I need to get more exercise, we've been walking to both. The kids have been racing from lamp post to lamp post....well, at least Olivia has!

We did the airport observation deck on Tuesday, but I was having contractions and felt like dirt (turns out I had food poisoning and was overly dehydrated), so I have no pictures. Plus, super mom that I am, I forgot to bring shoes for Olivia, so she ran around barefoot like she was too poor to wear any.

Today, on a whim, the kids and I went to Lake Wheeler after we ran some errands and went to the library this morning. It was hot, but really pleasant with the breeze on the water. We made it all the way across and back in our thirty minute time slot. The kids had a blast sticking their feet in the water and splashing!

The snow cones were a welcome treat after our hot boat ride!

Here they are eating their lunch in their space shuttle! Ha!

I haven't spent this much time with the kids without any care since I was off on maternity leave with Leo. Not that I worked a ton, but even those 12 hours a week that I drop them off was something. I realize I am REALLY going to miss just getting to play so much with them once they start back up in school! Here's to a great summer! And a little more where that came from!

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  1. Yay for summer time with the kids. I love that you have so many paces to go that are close by. The parks and lake look amazing! Take care of yourself and that wee baby.