Thursday, September 11, 2014

The end of summer

In pictures

The babysitter who didn't quit...Olivia strolled her baby girl Rosy while Savannah strolled Leo. This is my view from my office/soon-to-be the baby's room.

More Lake Wheeler! This is funny because Olivia's teacher told me today that Olivia told the class today about Lake Wheeler and all it has to offer! Ha! We've been there a lot as it is ten minutes from our house and lots of fun! 

A crazy trip to IKEA to buy loads of organizing stuff. Hopefully we will get things organized soon so the baby room can become a baby room! We bought the desk x 2 below and one of those bins for the playroom so that the kids have more room for working on coloring, Legos, puzzles, etc. Pics to follow.

 A classroom visit for both kids to their potential classrooms. They mostly just played with each other, which worried me a little, but their teachers were super great and the administration was super organized, so those were huge plusses.

And me getting fatter...right before heading to Lake Wheeler last Saturday. I have gained more so far in this pregnancy than in my previous two combined at the same point. Blah. I feel fat. Since I am having contractions already--almost everyday--I just don't care! 

Leo has named our baby McQueen now. Olivia calls him Dexter (from a book we read about a princess with a baby brother named Dexter). Olivia told her teachers on the preview day that she has a baby boy in her tummy. Oh, my!

And just like that, summer was over!


  1. You are just plain adorable in your selfie. Not fat, PREGNANT?! You wear it well!

  2. I should have said "Tots adorbs."
    I hear that's what all the kids are saying these days...

  3. you are not fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look super cute! :)