Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mid-spring break 2014: Leo's haircut

So, Monday of Spring break, we went to CHOM and then got Leo a haircut since someone in the grocery store mistook him for a girl. I just wanted to see if his hair would be curly. It would. Here's the pre-picture, which happens to be Leo's school picture:

Carlley Beeker Photography: TPP 2014 - expires 4/14 &emdash; DSC_0833

Pool Leo did not like getting his haircut. He sat on my lap and cried the whole time. Here are the during and "after" photos. More to come on the rest of spring break catch up blog posts. After, Leo did say he likes his hair cut and that it feels better. But he certainly talked about crying while he had it cut. Well, he looks three now!


  1. His pose isn't quite Magnum, but it does look professional model quality!

  2. Leo doesn't look terribly upset. Sol acts as if he's being killed every time he gets his hair cut, even when I do it. I think it's a control issue.