Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day Out with Thomas, 2014

Even a rainy day and Daddy having to stay home to finish the "Realtor to do" list couldn't dampen our spirits for visiting Thomas the Train!! The kids had a blast at Calera's Heart of Dixie Railway Museum seeing and riding Thomas. I only got random pictures and videos, but we will definitely be doing this again next year!! (Thomas travels the country!)

When we got there, we pumped the push cart. I couldn't get a picture of it because I was on it and pumping, but you can barely see it in the distance in the first picture. Leo was mesmorized with Thomas because his mouth moved and he "spoke."

There were lots of little activities for the kids to do like bubbles and sand boxes while we waited for the train.

Aren't they cute getting on together?!

Leo didn't like that the conductor took part of his ticket!

But was excited to be on the train!!

It started raining hard right after we left the train and did the bouncy house. Fortunately, there were four big tent areas with things to do: play trains, legos, stamp and color engines, shop, see Sir Topham Hat, and eat.

After doing all those things, we walked out, but Leo did not understand why we couldn't ride Thomas again, especially when Thomas just spoke to him and told him to get on board!!

In fact, Leo had such a great time that he woke three times during that night screaming hysterically about wanting to go back to see Thomas. I had to rock and hold him and explain that it was the middle of the night. We even opened the curtains to show him. He must have been dreaming of Thomas!!

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  1. How fun! It's almost too bad that trains are novelties and not part of our everyday life. They are great. I love that Olivia and Leo enjoy them so much. Hooray for Thomas!

    Things that are great about this post: Kids holding hands, Leo's reaction to the conductor, your laughing reaction to his statement, Olivia giggles, Leo wanting to get back on since he heard Thomas talk. :-)