Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014, in pictures

I've been doing a terrible job of recording all we've been doing. We went to the Easter Egg hunt with 2400 eggs the day before Easter, and although we had a great time in bounce houses, slides, and playing games, the kids actually listened to me when I told them to be respectful of the people around them at the egg hunt. They, collectively, collected five eggs! Ha! It worked out well since I then allowed them to sit down and eat all their candy!! I got no pictures because Nicholas stayed home to get house and work stuff done, and I forgot my phone in the van.

 For Easter, the kids had fun with their baskets, the special breakfast of sausage in rolls, and later the first sprinkler day of the year! No good pictures since I wasn't on it when they first opened their baskets or as they did their in-house egg hunt. But here are some that I did get. Hooray for sunshine!

Daddy was getting out the hose. This is a candid photo of Olivia and Leo sticking together. I love that they love each other!

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  1. I think the fact that you're blogging at all during the move-prep is amazing. And hooray for doing so much with the kiddos when packing is probably a priority.

    I love that they have umbrellas in the sprinkler - too funny. The jumping in and out of the water looks like a lot of fun. Yay warm weather!