Monday, April 7, 2014

We're moving to North Carolina!!!

The big news is that we are moving to North Carolina!! Hooray! Nicholas starts his new job there this summer, so we are in the throws of selling our house and finding a new one! Check out how unbelievably clean and tidy our place looked this morning for pictures! We have been busting it for the past three days getting everything perfect!


  1. Congrats to Nick! Where is the new job?

  2. He's actually getting out of academia and going to ABB Research, which is on NC State's campus but is a private company. He thinks and I believe that he will be able to excel in one area instead of trying to do everything as far as teaching, research, service, mentoring, funding, etc. I think it will be a GREAT move for our family. My boss has been super great and is going to allow me to work remotely. And we have some friends up there from Clemson, so we aren't going in knowing no one.