Thursday, April 17, 2014

Friday funnies

I absolutely realize that these are much cuter in person coming out in sweet kids' voices, and perhaps much cuter just to me who is watching these two grow into little people right before my eyes. I am glad just to write this down to keep for my own heart!


  • Each night before bed, Leo often airs his grievances. These two came out two nights after we got home from our house-hunting trip to NC, where we went to a park in Raleigh with a carrousel.
    • Leo: And I yelled STOP!! But they wouldn't let me on. And that made me sad.
    • Me: Leo, we just had to wait our turn. Then they let us on.
    • Leo: And that made me happy! .... But I wanted blue Gatorade and they gave us yellow. (Referring to a rest area machine from our trip home.)
    • Me: Maybe next time we can get blue Gatorade.
    • Leo: Yeah! That makes me happy!
  • Whenever Leo wants me to let him do something, this is how the conversation goes.
    • Leo: I may have another cookie? Say, "Yes, you may!"
    • Me: (I either allow it or dash his hopes.)


Olivia likes to play teacher. I add this into our reading lessons in the afternoons sometimes by letting her be the teacher teaching her dolls how to read. Usually word families. Here is one where Miss Rose is teaching the "at" family.

  • Olivia learned about the Easter story this year almost less than last year. Last year she was totally upset when her teacher taught using Ressurection Eggs. I actually called her teacher this year in advance because I worried how Olivia was going to take it. I just wanted to be sure that if she was afraid or nervous for Jesus that she could go to another room. I shouldn't have worried. A snippet from our after-school conversation this week.
    • Olivia: And Jesus had a friend named Judas who took him to the Olive Garden. He wasn't a very good friend. And I giggled about that!
  • Olivia continues to be entranced by birds and our bird feeders. One day while we were admiring a beautiful gold finch, she said
    • Olivia: I wish I were a bird so I could perch on the bird feeder upside down!
  • Olivia only wants to wear dresses now. No tights, no leggings, really no shoes. One day on the way to the playground she lamented that she wasn't wearing a dress for the 100th time. Trying to drive the point home that I am the boss and what I say goes, I said
    • Me: Do you get everything you want?
    • Olivia: Yes.
    • Me: (I went on to tell her that she doesn't, but I thought, "I am not doing a very good job. Ugh!")

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  1. I've read this a few times, but I'm just now getting around to commenting. I love that Leo gives you the response that he wants: very cute!
    I also think Olivia as 'Ms. Rose' is precious. As long as she isn't Sister Rose - that woman was a terror!
    I laughed out loud at Olivia's response about getting everything she wants.