Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sweet Olivia

Olivia had strep again last week. Last Sunday she had a low fever. It went up a bit Monday afternoon, so I made an appointment with the doctor for Tuesday morning. We went with Leo in tow, and sure enough, after the strep test from hell--lots of screaming and holding her down, Leo crying in sympathy--it came up positive. So, we kept Olivia home again on Wednesday, and, of course, during all this naps. Ugh. It was a rough week. But, Olivia and I had a lot of "special time!"

This was from Monday around 3:30 snack time when Olivia's fever got up to 102.9. She "wasn't tired", though. She woke at 4:30 AM that morning, no joke. She never sleeps well when she is not well. Nicholas was traveling, and I was beat. Leo was just hanging in there!

 One of the games Olivia and I played on Wednesday when she was home from school, but fever-free was "wedding" where we made an aisle, had flowers delivered, and did the ceremony. Later that turned into "graduation" since she was sick of wedding, but wanted to do something with the aisle! Look at that cute graduate!

Thursday, when Olivia was feeling better, we went to the library and picked out lots of new books. Three of them were American Doll books, but I didn't realize it until we got home. Then Olivia matched the star logo from those books to the catalog from the recycling. Oh, my! I really don't want to start spending money on those things! 

I promise I washed this dress from one day to the next. It is her favorite right now because she doesn't have to wear leggings with it!
Friday, Olivia went to school. Since she was feeling better, we went to a make-up ballet class that happens to be doing the same dance as her class in the recital. (I just discovered this, so hopefully we will be able to make up the 5 classes she has missed! Hooray!) Olivia got her recital costume Friday and LOVES it! I told her she can only wear it for practicing her dance, which I videoed two weeks ago so she could practice. Oh the hilarity! And now, of course, Leo wants to learn the dance, too. Hearing him yell, "Hips, cheeks!" with the teacher as the girls move their hands from one to the other is priceless! And look how grown up my girl looks in this! Next week is picture day for them, and she will get to wear lip gloss and blush. She is beyond excited!!

Today Nicholas took out the dead tree stump from our backyard, which took hours and was a total labor of love! The kids and I got out Easter decorations and made some paper ones of our own! We owe thanks to Jane for setting these aside for us and thanks to Gonnie for making them long ago!

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  1. Poor Olivia. I'm glad Leo is able to roll with it. I love Olivia's outfit and that Leo practices with her. Very fun.

    I'm so glad you mentioned Easter decorations. I'll have to take our out, too!

    A tree stump - yuck. That really is a labor of love. Alex has had to remove a few stumps before and it is hard work! Well done, Nicholas!