Thursday, March 6, 2014

Friday funnies

I'm stealing this idea from my friend Emily! Since Olivia and Leo say so many hilarious things, I thought I would gather them from time to time on Fridays to post. Enjoy!

Just imagine sitting with these two for a little bit of conversation!

  • One morning on coming into Leo's room after having heard him call me on the monitor
    • Leo (pointing excitedly): I have rectangles!
    • Me: What?
    • Leo (still pointing to his crib): On my bars! I have rectangles!
    • Me: Yes, you do!
  • Another morning after I brought Leo out to the kitchen where I started to make some coffee. He walked into the bedroom and said,
    • Leo: It's dark! I'm afraid of the dark. 
    • Me: Come back here, Leo.
    • Leo (running to the kitchen): Quick! I need a flashlight!
    • Me (handing him a flashlight)
    • Leo: Oh! Thank you!
  • While Nicholas was putting Leo to bed after having given the kids a bath earlier
    • Leo (to Daddy): I was crying for Mommy in the bathtub.
    • Nicholas: Why?
    • Leo: Because my penis hurt and Mommy loves me. 
  • At dinner when Leo shoves hot dog into his face and hair.
    • Nicholas (to Leo): You're a goofball!
    • Leo: No, I'm Leonidas!
  • At lots of inappropriate moments
    • Leo starts to play his drums in the living room and turns on some of the random "music" that comes with it. Then he says, "Want to dance?"
  • In the car, talking one day
    • Olivia: Guess what?! We got the book "Sleeping Beauty" in our reading area at school!
    • Me: Cool! Do you read it?
    • Olivia: Yes. I just skip the scary pages.
    • Me: That's good.
    • Olivia: Did you know the boys like the scary pages? Why would they like that?
    • Me: The scary pages sometimes have fighting on them. And boys sometimes like fighting.
    • Olivia: But not Leo!
  • Right away one morning on a rare morning that I have to wake her. (Back story being that Olivia gets afraid of being alone in her room before falling asleep sometimes because she "thinks bad thoughts" according to her. Each night, we focus on being able to control your own thoughts. And we talk about what she wants to dream of before going to bed so that she can think of happy things before falling asleep. Often I suggest something that we have talked about before and she will say, "Mom, I've already dreamed that before!" So we have to be pretty creative!)
    • Olivia: Mom! I had the best dream!
    • Me: Wonderful! What did you dream about! Do you remember?
    • Olivia: I was in ballet class dancing and YOU were the teacher!
  • On a morning when she was diagnosed with strep for the second time in 15 days
    • Me: I need to take your temperature.
    • Olivia: What is up with this silly fever? It keeps going away and coming back and then going away and coming back! I don't want to be sick anymore!


  1. sorry but the penis one was my fave!!! :) (I have the sense of humor of a 8 yr old, I know!)

    love this segment; keep it up! I may need to revive mine!!