Sunday, March 16, 2014

A week in the life: March 8-16, 2014

In an effort to get the kids to go to bed on time last Sunday for Daylight Savings Time, we made an afternoon trip to the Barnyard instead of Leo's naptime. We used our passes from Olivia's birthday party last year. Part of the reason I wanted to take the kids was because Olivia was insisting that she wanted to have her birthday party there again because last year she didn't get a chance to do everything since it rained. I thought this would stop that wish, and it did. We showed up at the perfect time! Our friends from the kids' school drove up at the same time. When Thad got out of the car, Leo looked up at me and said, "Mommy! There's my best friend, Thad!" Jason, Thad's dad was completely taken off guard that Leo could express that. We proceeded to have a great afternoon!

Sunday evening, Nicholas's and my undergrad professor in Computer Science came over for dinner, and we had a great evening talking. The kids did great, except for Leo having a hard time going to bed even though he hadn't had a nap.

By Tuesday, Leo had came down with strep throat. I was hoping it would miss him, but was not surprised that it didn't. This was the fourth case in our house in the past month, it only avoiding me probably since I am the only Kraft in the house without tonsils. Anyway, as Leo saw Olivia get her strep tests at the doctor's office, he assured me on the way to the doctor that he did not need a test. He got one, though, it was positive, and we picked up the antibiotics right away. 

This is us on the way to the playground Monday afternoon. I was shocked that Leo let me put him in the front of the Ergo. He still rides in the backpack, but almost never in the front. I guessed he was coming down with something. The picture is terrible because the front lens on my camera phone was dirty.

One afternoon we pulled out "swim stuff" and had a beach party! Olivia loved this! 

We did get to the playground Monday and Friday. On Friday, Olivia drove the car! I'm so glad Nicholas met us there and put the car in his trunk on the way home! We are so happy to see Daddy when he comes!

Saturday, Olivia had recital pictures. She looked adorable, as did all the sweet girls in her class!

Today, we built a zoo out of blocks, legos, and train sets. I thought the kids did a fabulous job! Leo had a bit of a problem refraining from knocking the pens down after a while.

And Daddy got into the action later. The kids love to play "horse" with him!

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  1. There are many things about this post that I love: Leo's budding vocabulary & that you impressed Thad's dad; sweet bunnies; swim equipment on the driveway; Olivia driving!!!; castles for animals, and double riding the horse that is daddy. Thank you for all the pictures!