Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pre Christmas 2013 preparation at home!

I am so late in posting these Christmas posts, but I am going to do it anyway since part of the reason I blog is so that I can look back on these days.

Before Christmas, we did lots of fun things in preparation. Nicholas and the kids built a princess gingerbread house, which Olivia adored! While the frosting was drying, Nicholas did "Super Olivia" and "Super Leo"simultaneously, granting him the "Super Daddy" title! And the gingerbread house turned out cute, even if it wasn't Christmasy!

In the days leading up to Christmas, Olivia and I baked cookies during Leo's naps: peanut butter balls, Mexican wedding cookies, and rolled sugar cookies. The sugar cookies were definitely the favorite! Even Leo helped decorating!

At our Christmas Eve dinner, Olivia, Leo, and I were getting sick, so the kids had Gatorade in their fancy glasses, and Olivia had been in her pajamas all day. Me, too. Since the last time we had sat at the dining room table for dinner was Thanksgiving, Leo asked, "Is Uncle Chuck coming?" Sweet Leo has been talking SO MUCH this past month. More on that later.

 Having Christmas cookies before bed on Christmas Eve, and leaving some cookies for Santa. No hot tea this year, Olivia said!

And the Christmas Tree in all it's glory after Santa came Christmas Eve night!

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