Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Trip 2013: Mutti's house

Our next stop was three nights at Mutti's house! And after the running energy expended at Stephanie's, Mutti's place was perfect! We had Christmas number three the first night we were there on the 31st with Mutti and Uncle Chuck. He picked the perfect gifts for the kids. Olivia LOVES her princess mirror and hair fixing set and Leo loves the truck. Mutti bought Leo several musical instruments, and Leo surprised us all by being able to play them right away! Olivia loved the ballerina jewelry box that Mutti bought her, too! It and the Cinderella snow globe have special places in her room!


Leo and Uncle Chuck got along famously again! Ha! Just the boys hanging out!

We were able to see Great Grandma Haaga, Nicholas's Aunt Judy, and Aunt Chris while we were in town, too. Judy made beautiful photo books documenting the history of the Haagas, and Great Grandma bought them for each family as a Christmas gift. They are truly wonderful in the full sense of the word. I am so glad we have one. (I wish my family had something documenting their history so completely!)

Just showing that I was along, too! Ha!

And we found a perfect preschool playground just blocks from Mutti's house where the kids could run off energy!


On New Year's Day, Mutti and I took the kids to the mall for their first "mall crawl." We looked for hair clips for Olivia, threw coins in the fountain, had lunch, and chased Leo through the racks. Fun! When we got back and I put Leo down for a nap, Nicholas took Great Grandma back to her old house in Harrison County, which is near Nicholas's childhood home and where we got married. They had a really nice time catching up and reminiscing, too!

We had a wonderfully relaxed visit, and I was glad to get some visiting time in with Mutti. I can see that my kids are starting to grow up since I am actually getting some talk time in!

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