Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow days!

Tuesday morning we were expecting a dusting of snow, so I loaded up the kids in the van as I always do before ballet and headed for the library around nine o'clock. We usually go each Tuesday morning before Olivia's ballet class at 10:30 to restock on books for the week. The snow had just started to fall, and it was pretty. Olivia asked if she could catch snowflakes on her tongue before we left. The kids were mesmerized by the swirls of snow on the road as we drove downtown. I checked to make sure ballet hadn't been canceled, and headed into the library around 9:20. I didn't bring my phone. By the time we walked to our van at 10:05, all hell had broke loose. The snow was sticking, people were panicking, ballet had been canceled. I loaded the kids up and headed back to our place. The fifteen minute drive took 90 minutes. There were accidents on almost every street I looked down. There were major waits at every hill as people spun off the roads around us. The bridge was scary. I checked in with Nicholas, who hadn't left yet for work, and told him to stay home even though the university hadn't canceled classes yet. They did soon after. For the next day, and Thursday, too. We were super lucky that (1) we got home before city and county schools canceled their classes and the roads became full of people trying to get their kids and get home, (2) we had a full tank of gas, so our waits weren't a big deal, (3) we had snacks, music, and the iPhone in the car, and most of all (4) that our van has traction control and we didn't end up in an accident and we made it home. Other's weren't so lucky. Kids spent the night in schools because their parents couldn't reach them. Others made it home after 4-5 hours on the road. Others had to spend the night somewhere else.

Once we got home, we played in the snow a little bit. It was cold, so we weren't out long. Leo wasn't having it and asked to sit in the stroller.

"Sledding" on the hill!
Making sure she doesn't go off the edge!
Leo hanging out in the stroller.

Look closely. There is a goldfinch there! 
 We played again yesterday morning taking a lesson from Tuesday by adding more layers and doubling the mittens, and by today the snow is gone. We've had a lot of fun playing outdoors and in on these "snowy" days!

I love the following sequence of Olivia showing Leo how to make a snow angel!

Look at the joy!!  
Look at the mess! It was worth it!

Little Miss had cold hands and feet, and didn't want her picture taken. Ha!

And then she laughed!


  1. so cute! glad you guys had some good playtime in the snow!!!

  2. I'm glad you were safe! Also, there's nothing like a big sister to show you how to make a snow angel - how adorable!