Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Program, 2013

On Friday the kids had their Christmas program at school. This year, they broke the Christmas story up into hearing the good news (the younger bunch--young 3's, 2's, and 1's) and then the Bethlehem part with the older group. It was okay. Leo's class didn't have costumes. The director of the school told me to watch Leo because he knew all the moves, but he was dazed from the audience and barely shook the shaker to the music or rang his bell later. And then he saw me, and it was over. You can see the moment he saw me and the aftermath in these two photos. In my defense, they had Leo's class sitting on hay bales in the front of the stage, so we couldn't see him from where we were sitting way in the back. I snuck up to the front to see what he was doing and get a picture. Hmm... I guess I shouldn't have.

Olivia's class dressed up like sheep and shepherds, and she was not happy about that. She cried several times in the weeks leading up to the program because she wasn't going to be an angel. She didn't want to practice her songs, either. So, although she knew the first verse of all three songs: Silent Night, Away in the Manger, and Joy to the World, she didn't know the second or third verses because they never sent home a sheet telling me to practice those with her, so I didn't and she definitely didn't want to. She did, however, have the bible verse memorized, and showed off during FaceTime with Grandma Dorothy, saying "For unto us, a child is given. For unto us a son is born. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace." That was probably the sweetest part of the program, to me. You can tell from the pictures below that she is not overly thrilled.

Her class came out first.

Then the 4Ks (angels) and the other 3K (angels).

Doing some motions with the music.

I add this one just to point out the "head" angels and Mary--the parts that Olivia really wanted!

So, today, Nicholas helped Olivia play "Baby Jesus" in a new way, complete with headdress! Ha! She loved it!

And in an effort to make her look more like the part from her Christmas program, I came up with some fabric I had used to back some curtains. She is still waiting for me to "order some blue fabric and blue shoes, just like the Mary at my school."

Both kids had "Happy Birthday, Jesus" parties in their rooms after the program, and both seemed to enjoy that for about ten minutes. Then, Leo started saying, "I want to go home!" And we did.

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