Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Trip 2013: Grandpa Bill and Tamara's house

And last, but not least, we spent a couple of nights with Grandpa Bill and Tamara! We had Christmas #4 the first night we were there, and the kids were super excited about all the presents to open and all the gifts they received. Nicholas and I were, too, for that matter! Bill and Tamara outdid themselves, and we fully expect to get nothing next Christmas since they were SO generous this Christmas!

Tamara set up a little Christmas village in the music room, and the kids loved it!

And then there were gifts to open!

One of her favorite gifts--a book and bracelet!
Loving the puzzle!

Admiring Leo's harmonica.

Grandpa Bill and Tamara bought this hand made wooden train when I was pregnant with Leo after we found out we were having a boy! Leo loves it!

Look at the abundance!

Loving the drums!

On Nicholas's Christmas list, a Ford Shelby Mustang appeared. This sweet ride was Tamara and Bill's answer to that! Ha! The kids love it! It didn't fit in our van for the ride home, so Mom brought it down when she arrived for a short visit yesterday. The battery is plugged in now!

To the kids and my delight, we had a little snow!! Even though it was just a dusting, we played in it anyway!

Look closely. There is an angel on the ground!

Another angel!

Trying to throw snow balls!

And there was much dancing, running, and playing in the music room while we were there! 

That box that the car came in was pretty fun in it's own right, of course!

We had so much fun playing and visiting! Thanks to Tamara and Bill for being so accommodating to our family and having such a great time visiting with all of us!

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  1. Books, trains, drums, a car, and a huge box! It looks like it was a great wrap-up to Christmas. :-)