Monday, December 16, 2013

Olivia's parent visitation day at ballet

Olivia's ballet class had their parent visitation day last Tuesday where they showed all the parents what they had learned so far. This was exciting for the girls because it felt like a performance! And it was great to get to see how much the girls have learned!

They started by warming up. These poses are tondue and modified arabesque. 

They call this their ballerina splits, and they are pretending to put on red lipstick.

The Butterfly Dance

The Wand Dance

They showed off walking on their tiptoes, doing jetes, and doing sashays. Then they put on their tap shoes.

Bongo the Clown Dance

Ending their dance to "Thank God for Kids"

Party in the USA

Olivia with her friend Mary Grace with their flowers from their daddies. And sweet Olivia with Nicholas!

I apologize for the pictures...of course, we forgot our good camera. These are from my phone. It was exciting for me to get to sit through one of Olivia's class without running after Leo. Usually we can look into their class through a one-way mirror in the lobby, but instead I just play with Leo in another room or outside and glance in every now and then. Last Tuesday, though, I took him to school for two hours so I could watch Olivia. I'm so glad I was able to! I teared up during their last ballet dance when they danced to Dolly Parton's "Thank God for Kids." So sweet! I love my Olivia and I can't believe she is growing up so fast!

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