Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

For the first time, we had visitors on Thanksgiving! And that made it extra special since it was Nicholas's birthday that day, too! I was thrilled that Nicholas's mom, Jane--who the kids call Mutti, and Uncle Chuck came down on Wednesday night. Since we had just put the kids to bed when they arrived, we had a little visiting time right away.

On Thursday morning, it was birthday time! Of course, the kids helped!

While I cooked and Nicholas took a birthday nap, Mutti and Uncle Chuck played with the kids.

I don't think Leo understands the point of "Don't Break the Ice," but he sure had fun playing it!

 Here is Leo wearing that crown I made for him, but he wouldn't wear on Halloween. It must have been cooler since Mutti put it on him!

Taking the cornucopia down from the mantle to decorate the table.

Proud of her table setting and decorating. (Dad, forgive me. I have so much good china, silver, and stemware thanks to you, but I was afraid that the kids would break it! In a couple of years, I am telling myself, we will use it!)

I don't know why I didn't take pictures of the feast I prepared. I usually do. We had a 16 pound turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green beans, corn casserole, cranberry sauce, a pumpkin pie and a German chocolate cake.

Happy birthday, Nicholas! You'll never be as old as I am!

And thanks to Mutti for bringing each of the kids a bird! The perfect pretend pet that Olivia has been wanting!

Uncle Chuck and Leo got along famously! Leo talks about him everyday now.

Mutti brought the guitars she got for the kids in July, and they LOVED playing with them. Especially Leo. We had some major concerts!

Guess who was excited to be sitting at the counter with Uncle Chuck! He's got two thumbs and his name rhymes with Tio.

Friday, we put up the tree. Olivia had to have a Christmasy dress on.


More hanging out.

More decorating.

What a fun holiday! Please come back next year, Mutti and Uncle Chuck!


  1. The kids' faces are great in some of these: Leo excited and Olivia not too sure about the ornament placement. I love all the pictures showing what a great time you had!

  2. Those guitars are too cute. I'm sure you will have many more rock concerts in the near future :)

    Also - Leo's face as he's sitting at the bar next to his uncle is TOO CUTE! :)