Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Breakfast with Santa

On Saturday we headed to the South Zone of the football stadium on campus for Breakfast with Santa! We knew going in that neither Olivia nor Leo wanted much to do with Santa, but the even promised breakfast, a great view, and some Christmas activities, so we tried it anyway!

Here are Olivia and Leo waiting by one Christmas tree before it was time to go in. (Who are you parents whose children will stand still, at the same time, while in view of each other and you? I seriously have no idea how to become such parent.)

We got our breakfast first and had this great view!

Although there was coloring, face-painting, making reindeer donuts, writing Santa letters, and making reindeer food stations, this was by far Leo's favorite activity: crawling around under the table.

I gave up and put the camera away--the good camera, which I remember now why I do not take out of the house--when Santa waved to Olivia and she beamed. Then feeling like I had missed the best moment, Leo gave Big 'Al high five twice! (Big 'Al is UA's mascot for the uninitiated.) In my mind, my kids were adorable!

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