Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming! You can see the signs everywhere...the kids are talking about their Christmas program nonstop. A new game in our house is playing Baby Jesus. Here's how it went the other night: 

Olivia: Let's play "Baby Jesus!"
Nicholas: Who are you going to be?
Olivia: Baby Jesus!
Nicholas: Who am I going to be?
Olivia: The hay!

Then she proceeded to lay down on him and pretend to go to sleep. She told him that she wouldn't even cry. Ha! You can tell that she just learned to sing "Away in a Manger."

I kind of got a picture of the kids piling on Nicholas below. Ha! This morning we played Baby Jesus for a long time in another way. Olivia was Mary with a Jesus in her belly. We built a tent to be the barn and made a nest of blankets to be a manger. She had Baby Jesus, but wanted me to watch him on Friday night because she had a date! Ha! You can tell exactly where her mind pulls things, as Nicholas and I had a date on Friday.

On Thursday we went to the mall to drop off our gifts for our angels that we got in matching ages to the kids. Olivia liked helping me pick things out for the kids. She was really funny about asking me how much each thing cost and then if I had enough money for that. I suppose that is because we have been trying to explain how fortunate we are and how some people are less fortunate. On our way out of the mall, we put some change in the Salvation Army bucket, and I tried to explain again why we were doing that. After my explanation, Olivia said, "So you mean for people who don't have enough jewelry, they can ask for money for jewelry?" Not exactly where I was going with that thought!

While we were at the mall, we ran into one of Olivia's classmates as we were heading for the train. I had planned to ride with the kids, but they were happy to go with Riley! They did a double ride because Riley's Grandma insisted since I accidentally paid for Riley on the first ride. Oh, what fun they had!

You'll notice that Olivia is in a summer dress. It was over 70 degrees Thursday and when Olivia picked that out of her closet, I just went with it. You notice that Leo's shoes are looking a little ragged? Those are the only pair he will keep on his feet. And he is in that terrible stroller because we had those packages to bring in and we were having a rough listening day! But, Olivia did send her letter to Santa, which only listed a Ring-Around-the-Rosy doll for Leo and some Sophia dress-up things for her. The rest of the letter was just chatting with Santa! She cracks me up! We didn't attempt Santa since we are having breakfast with him next weekend!

We also stopped by the ceramics place on the way home and used a gift card that a friend had given Olivia for her birthday. I wanted the kids to paint some ornaments for our tree and I was afraid we wouldn't get to it if we didn't just do it. So, we did, and it was fun! And they didn't break anything! Of course the colors Olivia chose were not Christmasy and Leo's ornament was a gloppy mess, but they were their own. I really didn't fuss over them. I'll be interested to see how they turn out!

And we went to McWane again yesterday for more Christmas magic! We love the science center! I only took pictures of something that wasn't there before. They both got a kick out of Santa's sleigh! 

And today, Olivia and I had some Mommy-daughter time when we went to the Tuscaloosa Community Dancer's production of The Nutcracker! This was a favorite of mine growing up, and my dad took the four of us kids many times. I LOVE that Olivia wanted to go after hearing about it at her ballet class. I was a bit nervous that she wouldn't make it through the whole show, but she did great! We got there early to meet the dancers, do some little art activities, and eat cookies. The wait was very long because some of the seats were double sold--including our's--and so the show started late. But, our seats were great--center section aisle seats. Olivia's eyes lit up with all the dancers, she giggled at some of the silliness, she asked questions about what each scene was, and she clapped for each part of the performance. Truly, it was wonderful! She asked me if we could go again next year. Hopefully the whole family can go next year. The dancers were really amazing! I didn't get any pictures at the theatre, but we took a few before at home.


  1. So cute! I bet Abby would love The Nutcracker too; good idea! :)

  2. How fun; has she been dancing since you've come home? Also, you'll have to show us pictures of the ornaments when you get them back!