Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween events!

There were so many Halloween events this year! They started October 21st with Tuscaloosa Academy's Pumpkin kNight! The kids had a great time dressing up, playing games, riding a "train", doing bouncy houses, and eating junk!

We had our pumpkins early, so we painted a couple one cool morning.

"Leo, don't touch my pumpkin!! I am going to paint it pink!"
"I got it!"

Our neighbor Mallory's birthday is right around Halloween, and it usually involves dressing up, so I count that as a Halloween event. This year, her parents threw a princess tea party for her 4th birthday, and did such a wonderful job! The girls were super cute dancing to a video game, having tea on real china, and decorating ornaments!

Having fun dancing to the video game! This was Olivia's first time doing something like that!
The background is a cardboard castle! Amazingly crafty and so cute for the girls to be able to walk through the door into the party!

Jane was VERY brave to give these girls real china! 
Sweet Mallory and her beautiful (and delicious!) cake!

Nicholas carved one of our pumpkins this year, and the kids had a good time "helping!"

Olivia took a bunch of pictures that day on a small point-and-click. I have yet to download them. I'm sure they are interesting! And blurry! Ha!

For the first time, we did a Trunk-or-Treat at the kids' school/church. For those who don't know what this is, it is a time where people gather in the parking lot, decorate their trunks, and then let kids go from one trunk to the next to Trick-or-Treat. The trunks were decorated very creatively and the kids had a great time! Of course, Leo did not like ANY costume this year. I made him a beautiful felt crown so that he could be a prince to Olivia's princess, but he would not wear it. Since I borrowed a reversible cape from a friend for Leo's prince costume, I tried using the superhero side. He was not having that, either. So, this is what we had since it was raining.

Then the following Tuesday (before Halloween) it was "crazy costume day" at ballet for Olivia. Since Olivia didn't want to try to dance in her Cinderella costume, she chose Fancy Nancy complete with accessories. This dress-up outfit was cousin Abby's before and is the exact dress Fancy Nancy wears in "Posh Puppy." Olivia was excited! She wore the dress to the dentist first since we had appointments for both kids that morning. (Leo cried the whole time, so I didn't take pictures of him. The dentist's assistant takes one and prints it out of them together, so I have that one for his baby book. The dentist has a huge smile and poor Leo is crying. On the bright side, no cavities for either kid! On the bad side, braces are in the future for both for different reasons!)

The next day, I volunteered at the kids' school for their Fall Festival. It was quite an event! There were games, face-painting, hay rides, a balloon-animal-making pirate, crafts, a cupcake walk, and a pizza party for each class. I was in charge of the crafts: candy corn bracelets for the "big kids" and candy corn crowns for the little ones! I only got a few pictures, but the kids had a great time!

Halloween morning, we hit the playground early because I thought it was going to rain all day and I wanted the kids to get worn out early and take good naps! Because Olivia was going to wear a fairy costume that morning to the library, Leo wanted to wear a tutu. This is actually a common request from Leo, especially when we turn the music box in Olivia's room on and dance. On that day, I allowed Leo to leave the house in it because it just seemed easier than fighting him. And, as a bonus, it was sort of a costume! We then went to the library to trick-or-treat at the reference and circulation desks. They had a set-up for pictures, but the line was too long for us! We got our books and skedaddled!

For Halloween evening, it rained as predicted, but we went trick-or-treating anyway. The kids had a blast! Leo LOVED saying "trick o treat!" And each person answering the door seemed to get a pretty big kick out of him saying it, too! Leo's little "Tank you!" was pretty cute, too! We got wet staying out about 40 minutes and hitting almost fifteen houses within walking distance on our street and the street behind us. We took the covered wagon, but the kids wanted to walk much of the time. I only got these pictures with the pumpkins!

Showing off her cat mask that she "made" from the kit from Target!

I think Leo was hiding!

Post dress-up! Thank goodness for Nicholas coming up with Leo's costume at the last minute. I thought he was going to have to sport the Mickey pumpkin shirt again!!

"Come on, Mom! Let's go!!"


  1. Holy cow I'm exhausted reading this post! You've had quite a busy few weeks!!!!! :) Love all the costumes though and kudos to you for letting Leo wear a tutu in public! :)

  2. Leo and Olivia are so cute! Love all the pictures.