Sunday, October 27, 2013

For the love of birds

Olivia's love of birds and her desire to have one for a pet has continued unabated. So, a few weeks ago, Nicholas and she ordered some bird houses and paint to build and paint together. Of course, they got one for Leo, too! This was a big project, and took a couple of weekends to totally complete as you can see by the changes of clothes (and weather) in the pictures! The pictures really tell the story:

Sanding the wood pieces to get them ready for painting. All three of them got in on it!

Notice that the kids are doing something else while Nicholas put the birdhouses together. The birdhouses took more effort than expected!

Leo is becoming a bit of a spit fire! Look at that look!

How do you like these smocks? Ha! Nicholas volunteered some old T-shirts! We started painting Leo's birdhouse so that we could test it and not ruin Olivia's since Leo doesn't care!

It was hard for me not to help!

My job was to smooth out the globs!

Nicholas is really patient with Olivia when she is 'helping' him!

Leo's birdhouse is painted and Olivia had her colors lined up and ready!

But, first, the bird feeder!

So excited that her bird feeder is done!

Leo could have kept right on painting!

A couple of weekends later...we hung them on the fence. Nicholas had to add the brackets to the back.

Following Daddy up the hill to find the perfect spot.

Does this look like a good spot?

Sure, Daddy!

Do these look okay?

"I sure hope some birds come and live in these."


  1. Such a great project! I love that Olivia practiced on Leo's first ... ha ... sounds like something I would have done a a kid. Any birds yet?

    1. No birds yet, but Olivia is convinced that they only come and "live" there at night! Ha! I am letting her believe it!