Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First family fun run

On November 2, we did our first family fun run in support of shade for the playground at the kids' school. We didn't attempt the 5K, but just signed up for the 1 mile fun run/walk. We didn't take the stroller, but I'll admit that both Olivia and Leo were carried some during the "race." The kids had a great time, though! The day was gorgeous, the atmosphere was fun, and the kids got to see and play with their friends! Everyone got medals, their was face-painting, music, food, and we played on the playground with some of the other families post-race. What a great time!


Nearing the end of the race! The three little girls took off for the last stretch. That's Olivia on the left in mid-stride. Leo "ran" the last little bit to all the cheers for him! You can see that we were pretty far behind. He wanted to sit down during some of the race. When Nicholas or I put him on our shoulders, he used our eyes for a place to hold on!

Sweet friends after the race! 

Leo loved his medal and the bubbles! The kids danced to the music on the church steps later!

These sibling pairs are best friends! Olivia LOVES Laura Kate, who is about a month her junior. And Leo LOVES Thad, who is about a month his junior. What fun to be at the same school!

Olivia got her face painted, but did not want me to take a picture of her. This is her "I'm mad at you, but really I just don't want my picture taken" face.

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