Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Olivia and Leo's Thanksgiving Feast

Olivia and Leo had a Thanksgiving Feast at their school last Wednesday. This is Olivia's third "feast" there, and this year was the best yet! Each classroom joined with another and set up a table in the halls. The kids made artistic place mats and hats. (I say that loosely with Leo's class as it looked like the teachers did most of the work!) And the tables were decorated in pin-worthy style! I know it was a lot of work for the teachers, but it turned out great! So many parents and grandparents showed up to see the kids' work and help them feast! Happy Thanksgiving!

Leo's table--you can see his spot in the middle front with the blue and red sippy cup.

Olivia's table on the left, and her with a couple of friends in their classroom on the right.

Leo and his best friend Thad sat next to each other. Leo would not put on his pilgrim hat, but he was all about the food when it was put out!

Olivia's table as everyone was seated. Look at all those parents!

Olivia eating at her table.

An then eating at Leo's table. The three of us stuck together. Leo didn't want me to leave him, so I carried him over to check on Olivia, then she didn't want me to leave her. So we went back to Leo's table. It was a bit less chaotic at his table because there were fewer people and because it had a corner location so people could walk by better.

Now back to Olivia's table for desert. Leo's class only had healthy desserts, so he was stoked to see some bright orange frosting!


I am so thankful for Olivia and Leo's little school, their teachers, and their friends. Both of them are learning SO MUCH right now. What exciting and fun ages! Leo is speaking in sentences most of the time now. Olivia's memory and vocabulary just continue to improve. I am so thankful for both of them!

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