Monday, November 11, 2013

Best friends

Have I ever admitted that one of my greatest hopes for Olivia and Leo is for them to be best friends? Some of our neighbors down the street have the sweetest son and daughter who are now in college and law school, respectively, here at UA. Not only are they super sweet, polite, and kind; they are best friends--they share a rental house, they go out for lunch together randomly, and they just get along famously. I have shared my hopes for our kids to be as sweet and loving as Evan and Stefanie with Nicholas. This short side story is to lead up to Nicholas yelling to me the other day, "Honey, your dream has come true! Look! The kids are going to the movies together!" Ha! Look at these cuties driving Daddy's car, singing to the music, and just getting along famously!


  1. super cute!!!!! I wish the same thing for my kids. and so far, so good :) 20 years down the road though.....that's a different story. I will just keep my fingers crossed!

  2. I love that Olivia let Leo "drive" :)