Saturday, February 16, 2013

The ear saga

As I mentioned last post, I am ready to "fix" Leo's sleep and so ready to wean him, too. But...something always seems to get in the way. Monday I took Leo to the doctor in the afternoon and it turned out he had a double ear infection, although he had no other symptoms than rubbing his ears and fussiness. Dr. Petit prescribed a new antibiotic and said one more ear infection, and he would refer Leo to an ENT. I took matters into my own hands, found an ENT, and made an appointment for Thursday. I wrote down Leo's medical history since October when he had his first ear infection, and I noticed some patterns: (1) On follow-up appointments and well-visits, Dr. Roberts always said Leo's ears were clear; (2) On every sick visit that Leo saw Dr. Petit, he said there was fluid on Leo's ears and/or they were infected; (3) We had been to the doctor for Leo seven times since the end of October and had gone through four antibiotics prescriptions. I cannot believe they hadn't referred Leo! On Thursday, Leo's hearing was tested and he couldn't hear hardly at all out of his right ear, and failed part of the hearing test in his left year, too. Not surprisingly, he had fluid on both ears, and with his history, Dr. Benoit, the ENT doctor, suggested tubes. He also said that different doctors see different things when looking in ears, and it wasn't that surprising that one doctor would see an ear infection while another wouldn't. He said that is why they cheat and use a tempometer to see if there is fluid on the ears, every time. We scheduled the tubes for the next morning (Friday). 

Leo and I headed for the surgical center at 5:45 AM, and he was gregarious with all the other patients. They took us back around 6:45 and we spoke with the anesthesiologist and Dr. Benoit. At seven, the nurse took Leo and I went to the waiting room. I was there less than five minutes when Dr. Benoit came out and said everything went great. They cleaned out both ears and inserted tubes! The anesthesiologist just used gas, no IV needed. Leo woke up a little bit later and was pretty fussy for a while. I got to take him home a little before 8. Leo took a nap and woke up happy. Dr. Benoit said to treat it like getting a cavity filled. Leo could play, just be sensitive if he is fussy. 

Since Leo was happy and Nicholas was too sick to go to Olivia's Valentine's party at school, Leo and I went on Friday morning. I didn't take any pictures--there was too much frosting everywhere and kids in my lap, but it was a great time! Olivia had a little mailbox with eleven little Valentines in it, and she was delighted!

Leo goes back to the ENT on Thursday for a follow-up. I hope all is perfect then and we can start the sleep training next weekend. I am working on giving up the morning feeding right now. That is an easy one to give up because he already does it three mornings a week at school!

And because the grandparents (and others) really just want to see they are!

Leo lounging with a book (a few moments earlier he was looking at it and sitting up more):

Almost every night after dinner and before bathtime, we have a bubbles dance party and dance to the album "The Wiggles Greatest Hits." Super fun!


  1. Wow, you had a busy week!! Poor little Leo. I hope that the tubes help ... from what I've heard, they can make a huge difference! You are Super Mama for taking matters into your own hands!

  2. I like Leo's lounging. He seems to have it down :-) I'm glad the ENT was able to get you in so quickly!

    I like the Valentine's Day party description, "too much frosting everywhere and kids in my lap." It does sound like a good time :-)

    I hope everyone in the household is feeling better now.

  3. Oh, poor Leo! I hope the tubes help. What a sweet boy though. Thank you for the comment you left on my post. You are such a great friend to me. I would say Wednesdays at 4 would work, but that is during Sol's afternoon nap. It's just hard to plan anything when he doesn't get up in the morning until 8 because he takes mid-day and late-afternoon naps. We'll figure something out!