Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dear Diary, 2/9/2013

The days are just packed! Last Monday, I worked and the kids went to school. After hitting the playground on the way home, Leo took a nap and Olivia had quiet time while I got dinner in the crockpot. Then we left for Kindermusik. Olivia went with Nicholas for a short CHOM trip and some frozen yogurt while Leo and I had a great music class. Leo is a natural drummer (see below)! (I'm just kidding. I don't think my kids are going to be something or do something just because of what is happening in their infant/toddler years. Everything is so random now!)

Tuesday was Leo's 12-month well-visit in the morning. When we got to the doctor's office at 8:15 for our 8:30 appointment, they said they didn't know why we were there. The woman who had changed our appointment from his birthday (because he was sick), forgot to save it in the computer. Great. So, we waited an hour an a half to be worked in. And I swear the nurse didn't weigh Leo correctly because according to them he lost 1 lb 8 ounces since the previous Wednesday when I had taken him in for his high fever and shortness of breath. Ugh. According to them, he weighed 22 lbs 7 ounces, which is just a one pound gain since his 9 month appointment. No, I don't believe. That would mean that Leo weighed less than Olivia at 12 months. No way. And also that he is shorter, 30.25 inches, which I do believe. He still had some fluid on his ear, so we are going for a check later.

While Leo took a nap, Olivia and I made some Valentine's for a play group party we were going to on Thursday. She had a great time!! She loved the potato heart and star stampers I made...and just using her hands!

I'm not working a long day on Wednesdays anymore. The babysitter didn't work out. Olivia didn't like her and started begging not to go to school for fear that Alex would pick her up. Then she started waking with night terrors. And she was so clingy, it just wasn't worth it. We decorated Leo and Olivia's Valentine's mailboxes on Wednesday after they had a snack and watched an episode of Backyardigans on the computer in the living room. I think this photo is hilarious! Leo doesn't really watch, but he sometimes sits and eats for a little bit.

Thursday we went to the play group party in the morning and got lots of Valentine's! So much fun! Then we hit the playground in the afternoon!

And again on Friday afternoon/evening we went to the playground. It gives me exercise, so I am glad to go. Olivia has taken to walking home, which gives her more exercise, too, so it is a win-win!

Sometimes I can get Olivia to do some yoga with me. Today, she insisted on wearing "yoga pants" and a "yoga top," so that she could "play yoga." She's hilarious! I get about 5-20 minutes of yoga in this way, which is more than I had been, so I am pleased!

Leo started saying "bubble" and "sister" this week. They sound like "babal" and "sisa." He also got two molars and two more are on the way. He's in some pain, you can tell. His sleep continues to be the biggest disaster you can possibly imagine. (Can you tell I am getting frustrated?) I am almost finished reading the book, "Solve Your Child's Sleep Problem," and have already started to implement keeping him out of our bed as of last night. Disaster, but we did keep him out of our bed. I am ready to wean, too, now and we have introduced cow's milk. I think it will take about a month to be totally done.

Olivia has uttered some gems this week:

When tucking her in:
Me: Olivia, do you want Pinky to sleep with you? (That is her little pink puppy.)
Olivia: No, he's too loud. He barks all night!

On the way to the playground in the stroller:
Me: What are you doing Olivia? 
Olivia: I'm just being quiet so that I can look at the beautiful blue sky.


  1. Great post!!

    Love the yoga. Some is better than none!

    Sleep. Ah, most parents' most difficult task. You are really doing ok. You're working on it. You're trying different things, and you know what you want. It will get better. It really will. Keep on keeping on.
    Lots of love from SC!
    (Christopher is home with a fever today. It seems like he gets one every month!)
    John had "Famous American Day." He was Abraham Lincoln. Tony went and I am anxious to hear all about it (but I am not-so-secretly happy that I don't have to go.)

  2. Tell me more about these mailboxes. Are they for the day's projects so Nicholas can see them? Are they for little treats for the kids?

    I love how happy Olivia is stamping/finger painting. Very cute pictures.

    Also, sorry to read that Leo still has fluid in his ears. No fun indeed.

  3. I'm loving the picture of the kids in their bean bag chairs! Ha!

  4. Heidi,

    The mailboxes were for the playgroup Valentine's party. All the kids exchanged valentines into each other's mailboxes. They had a good time finding each other's, getting, and receiving mail!