Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our life in pictures

I've been taking a lot of photos on my phone these days even though I have that fantastic camera that Nicholas bought me for Christmas. I'll get back to it, but I have my phone everywhere (almost). Just to recap some of the photos I have in my dropbox from my phone, I thought I would share!

This is Olivia on Valentine's Day night loving the card that Uncle Chuck sent her. She slept with it that night and took it to school the next day! So sweet! It had Cinderella on it. She did ask why Uncle Chuck didn't send candy in the card. I said it was because he thought she was sweet enough, and she seemed to think that was a good reason. Nicholas and I got cards and Valentine's books for the kids and  celebrated that morning. We exchanged our cards later...that night was when Nicholas really got sick and we were gearing up for Leo's tubes the next morning.

This was a picture of Leo in the waiting room before getting tubes. He really liked all the other people in the room. (And an update on the tubes: we went back for a follow up at the ENT on Thursday. Leo's hearing is now normal in both ears, and he has picked up several words this week to prove it!)

Tuesday I took the kids for doughnuts before gymnastics. Olivia was super excited about the pink milk! Leo couldn't have cared less about the doughnut or the milk!

Leo continues to be a great eater! Here he is devouring what is left on his plate. I think it was corn, potatoes, and ham. 

Olivia got sick on Wednesday night with a fever that continued through Thursday and Friday. Sometimes it is hard to be cooped up in the house because it is hard to find things for kids to do. (The cool, damp weather has been just yucky!) So, on Thursday, we started a "Does it sink or float?" science project. Olivia LOVED it!

And asked to do it again later that afternoon! (She wore pajamas all day because she was sick. Sweet girl!) 

Leo has had a fabulous week at school. Something I don't think that I have blogged about is that Leo has been having major separation anxiety since November. Mostly the only way to keep him from crying at school was for the women to hold him. And they did. Literally.all.the.time.  But, since getting his tubes (and hearing again!) he has had a great week--taking naps without being held at school, playing, smiling at his teacher, and he didn't even cry on Friday when I dropped him off! Hooray! Here we are in the drop-off line on Friday. Leo's a good driver!

Turns out that Leo is just like his dad when it comes to escaping in stores and hiding in clothing racks. I have heard stories about Nicholas doing this from his grandma ever since we started dating. And so we begin with Leo.

I mentioned to some of my family that I was having a hard time getting Leo to eat fruit and had been continuing to offer baby food fruit because he wouldn't take regular chopped up fruit, but that is no longer the case. He is wild about strawberries and blueberries, and also likes cantaloupe and grapes! Here he is telling me that I am killing him by withholding food.

In other news, we are on night three of Ferber tonight. Leo has done much better than I expected given our previous two attempts when he was 5 months old and 9 months old. (Read that there was literally hours of crying that I just could not accept after several-10 nights and no progress.) This time I read the book and just decided it has to work because I am too exhausted for it not to. (Read: I have to stop nursing and co-sleeping because I just can't do it anymore!) Friday night it took him about an hour to go to sleep on his own as we checked on him in 3, 5, and 10-minute intervals (and then 10, 10, 10). He woke again an hour later at 10, but went back to sleep on his own after the first 3-minute check. Same thing happened at 11. At 2:30 I nursed him and he went back to sleep. At 4:20 he got up and stayed up. I was pretty tired Saturday. So was he. He took two good naps, falling asleep on his own after 10-15 minutes each time. On Saturday night, Leo went to sleep on his own after about twenty minutes as we checked on him in 5, 10, and 12 minute intervals. He woke next at midnight and went back to sleep in about 45 minutes. Nicholas was on duty and was up with him at 1:30 and 2:30, but Leo went back to sleep on his own within 15 minutes each time. I nursed him at 4:30 and he slept from 5-6. Then we were up. He got one great nap this morning, but not one this afternoon. He went to sleep on his own after the first 10-minute check tonight. I see progress! Hooray!

And in Olivia news, here are some conversation tidbits:

Me: Olivia, you need to play in your room quietly while I put Leo down for his nap. I'll come get you when I am finished.
Olivia: Okay. I am going to pretend my room is Daddy's office and I am Daddy. I have a lot of work to do. I might be late. There might be a car accident. (Nicholas was late for dinner two week ago because there was a car accident and he had to take the long way home.)

Nicholas: What would you like to drink?
Olivia: Kool-Aid for my high fever. Say, "What a good choice!"

Me: I need to put dishes away. What do you want to do?
Olivia: Let's make a hide-out under the kitchen table. Then I can eat my popsicle happily!


  1. Olivia is a nut! I love her little brain and the things she comes up with.

    Oh and I love the pics of her in pigtails!!

    As for the sleep training with Leo, good job Momma! Stick with it and!! I promise. Hope to see you guys soon.

  2. Great pictures! Olivia is too cute with her pigtails ... and, maybe this is bad to say, but little Leo is a pretty adorable crier :)

  3. What are the new words Leo is saying?

    Also, I don't know how to say this, but it's probably not a great idea for a one-year-old to drive. :-) Though, I can see the benefit of teaching him responsibility early. Let's just hope he isn't a speed demon.