Sunday, February 3, 2013

And now Leo is one. A toddler. Sigh.

I have a backlog of pictures and stories, so I am just going to lay it all out there in one post.

Olivia is really enjoying playing Go Fish lately. She is getting better and better at recognizing her numbers.

I made this picture big so you can see that Olivia is standing on her toes. She does this a lot. I have no idea where she got this idea!

Leo continues to do great with solid foods. He has eight teeth now and is cutting the top and bottom molars on his right side. Here is a "messy me" picture. Notice the milk in the hair. He is eating chili and is totally covered.

Last week Leo got really sick. But back up. On Monday when I was picking Olivia and Leo up from school, Olivia tripped and scraped her knees really badly. She was afraid to stand and walk that night. Her pants stuck to the wounds because I couldn't get band-aids on them for the screaming. We had a hard time with her. I thought it would be better the next day, but she woke up very upset and wouldn't go to gymnastics, which is her favorite thing. So, we had an at-home day, which was nice and fortunate since Leo started feeling badly that day. He had had a terrible night of wakefulness, but I didn't really understand what was happening except that he was SO FUSSY. Tuesday night he had a fever of 103 and woke up with shortness of breath. I took him to the doctor for their first appointment, and Dr. Petit said the shortness of breath could be associated with the fever or the congestion. He said it was just a virus going around and the fever should be gone within 48 hours. It was, but we had two more rough nights before it was over. And Leo still has congestion, runny nose, and coughing. I feel like poor Leo has been sick since November! 

This is a picture of Olivia in our bed. We were playing "Dora and Abuela," which is where she pretends to be Abuela (Grandma in Spanish) and I bring her a basket of treats because she is not feeling well. She has her me-reader and eight books to go with it, plus juice and fruit snacks, so she was set!

And because Leo was sick, we canceled his birthday party which was supposed to be on Saturday. I had used photo invitations, hired someone to do a cool cake, and gotten all the supplies for the kids to make drums. But, alas, Leo was just too sick so we had an at-home party with just the four of us. Here is the mantel I decorated for the party that never was.

Because Leo was sick Friday, I kept him home. He took a two-hour morning nap Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He must be healing, because that is unheard of! He loved the balloons we picked up for him Friday, too!

After school on Friday, Olivia really wanted cake. So, with Daddy's go-ahead since he was still at work, the three of us partook. They both loved the icing!

I cannot believe Leo is one!!

Friday evening we had our at-home party. I went ahead and got balloons. And Olivia opened her sister present, which she adored!

Leo loved all his presents, too! Thanks Bill and Tamara for the giraffe!

I'm not sure what is going on in this photo, but I thought it was hilarious!

Thanks to Grandma Dorothy and Grandpop Steve for the banner!

Nicholas and I got Leo (yet another) bubble machine and Kindermusik classes. Those bubble machines are popular in our house and don't seem to last long! We started the Kindermusik classes last Monday, and Leo didn't really know what to think. Looking back, I think he was starting to get sick Monday evening.

This is a "I am a big boy" picture. He climbed up into the chair himself and wanted to play at the table. He is so physical. He climbs onto the little lamb rocker we have and rocks himself. He climbs into the dishwasher and pulls the racks out. He is everywhere now! We've had to baby proof again for him!

And some other random things I want to write down:
  1. Olivia has taken to liking olives. She asked me for the things she ate at Grandma Dorothy and Grandpop Steve's house at Christmas about a week after we got back. So, her lunch for school often looks like cocktail hour: cherry tomatoes, olives, pickles, and a cut-up hot dog. Bizarre.
  2. Olivia is going through a phase of lots of fears. She has been waking at night with nightmares. She saw a commercial on one Dora episode that we had DVRed of a science project volcano blowing ketchup everywhere in a kitchen and became so terrified of it that she hadn't watched TV for three weeks. She watches on the iPad or the computer, but not the TV. Yesterday while she and Nicholas were on their way home from B&N, I put in a Baby Einstein DVD--something believable for Leo to be watching and something with no commercials. She bought it and wasn't afraid of the TV. Tonight we watched the Super Bowl for a few minutes and she didn't freak out. I hope that continues.
  3. Olivia's vocabulary is great!! Friday she told me that bears hibernate. (They are doing a unit on bears at school.) She knows the word kaleidoscope. And she is using and testing new words everyday with success in pronunciation and context. Here are two other funny little exchanges (not really about vocabulary):

The Baby Einstein I had in the DVD player was "World of Poetry" and there were some poems. One was something like, "A train is a dragon that roars through the dark..."
Olivia: Why did she say the train is a dragon?
Me: In poetry we sometimes call one thing by the name of another thing that it is like. In that poem, she pretended a train was a dragon. Just like you pretend to be a princess sometimes.
Olivia: Yeah. Just like Leo pretends to be crazy.

Today during Olivia's nap, she didn't wear a diaper, although she normally does. She woke up without an accident.
Me: Olivia, I am proud of you for keeping your panties dry.
Olivia: It is my pleasure.


  1. Busy, busy times! Thanks for the great update.
    Miss you guys lots!

  2. I love Leo's photos: milk in hair, "I am 1" in front of balloons, and the expression as if to say "Mom, seriously, another picture?" Olivia's cocktail hour is great, too. I love that she wants to play sick grandma & you bring her goodies. It's almost like Little Red Riding Hood, but considering her reaction to the ketchup volcano, perhaps the big bad wolf is still a few years away. Also, the commentary on "Leo pretends to be crazy" and "It is my pleasure" is priceless!

  3. Sounds like a lot of learning, growing, and fun in the Kraft house!!

  4. "it is my pleasure!" :) too cute!

    I cannot believe sweet Leo was sick on his bday and you had to cancel his party :( so sad!!

    love this post with all the great pics and updates. hope to see ya'll soon. (we won't be at gymnastics today though)

    p.s. we are about halfway thru "game of thrones" and love it!