Sunday, November 18, 2012

My birthday, a conference, potty training, and more!

My birthday was two Fridays ago now, and to celebrate, (in addition to the Friday celebration of take-out and cake at home--a party not up to Olivia's standards--she wanted to go to the Barnyard like we did for our friend Colton's party) the kids and I tailgated on campus for the Texas A&M game in the morning and then I got a babysitter to watch the kids and Nicholas and I went to the game in the afternoon. In the morning, we did the bouncy houses, strolled around campus--Olivia thought the president's mansion looked like a princess castle, and went to the Natural History Museum on campus. Olivia loved it!

And even though we lost--what a shock!--it was nice to go to the game with Nicholas and feel like Christine and Nicholas instead of Mommy and Daddy for a little while...even if we had to leave early because our babysitter had evening plans!

On Sunday, Olivia and I decided to start potty training. I had been telling her that we were going to give up diapers at Thanksgiving, but all that talk made her ready to do it. So, she shed her diaper and donned the softest panties I could find--Gerber training pants. We had bought Minnie, Dora, and Hello Kitty panties in turn in weeks and months past only for her to say she hated them. She also hated the Dora pull-ups I bought her. But, she had been keeping her diaper dry all day sometimes and asking to use the potty. When she was okay with those soft panties, I went for it. Three M&Ms or Skittles, plus a sticker on her potty chart per success, and we were in business! She had one accident on Sunday and that's it for the week! (I put her diaper back on for naps and bedtime. We'll cross that bridge later.) Hooray, Olivia! I, of course, could not get any good pictures of her, so here she is diving into the couch, panties up!

On Monday of last week, Nicholas left for a conference in NC for four days. This coincided with me getting fed up with Leo's horrible sleep. So, I decided I had to do Ferber and fix his sleep. Nightmare city. Three nights of no sleep for either of us. Luckily, my mom made time to come down and help me Tuesday evening, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. It was great to have her support through the worst of it. Nicholas came back late, late Thursday night, and Leo slept for five consecutive hours that night--a first for his life!! Friday night was good, too. Saturday was bad. Tonight so far has been bad. Two steps forward, one step back, but we are getting there. These are some pictures of us heading to the playground with Mom on Wednesday. Olivia was riding her horse, Blaze!


  1. You're a good mama and a strong woman. Keep up the good work!

  2. Boo for sleep troubles, but YAY! for potty-training!!! :)